HITBOX HELP - Half Circle motions help

So I recently got a Hitbox panel for my Hori VLX and I’m loving it. I just tried KOF for the first time and I can’t get Roberts Half Circle moves to come out. I do left down right twice but the super climax combo doesn’t come out. What am I doing wrong? Is it because I’m missing the diagonals? Usually on hitbox you don’t need to hit those. Someone please let me know. Thanks.

Actually I can’t get any of Roberts combos to come out. Like down half circle back HP, or forward half circle foward. It won’t work. I looked at the Hitbox youtube channel and they only have KOF 13 up but some of the buttons inputs are the same. I’m doing exactly what he’s doing but my combos won’t come out. Could it be because I don’t have a SOCD cleaner like the real hitbox does? I notice that holding left and right isn’t neutral on my VLX modded hitbox. Please help!!

Turn on input display and work on doing clean inputs until you get it down. An SOCD scrubber just prevents you from inputting two opposing directions at the same time.

In older fighting games, the diagonals won’t register automatically if you’re inputting too fast, so you will need to input them manually. For the HCF motion, I would need to hold down “DOWN” before releasing “LEFT” and continuing holding “DOWN” until I press “RIGHT”

Yeah but the thing it a single HCF move comes out fine. It’s just the double ones and other similar moves. I don’t understand this. I think this is a glitch in the game. I can’t find a Hitbox user forum where people can tell me if they are experiecing the same thing or not.

Ok I finally figured it out! With hitbox and KOF , KOF wants you to hit that “down” input for the HCF and down qcf hcb. You have to slide one finger across the directional buttons which seems to activate one button at a time more efficiently and the moves come out fine. Awesome!! I hope this thread helps another hitbox player some day. Just slide your finger over the commands and it will come out. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to play KOF. The new graphics are awesome!! later all!!

If it’s an official version, the HCB is F,DF,DFB,DB,B. Plink them down, negative edge them off.