hit confirms

Tell me about hit confirming specials with Gouki. Obviously jumping or diving in then using a high or low normal to give you time for a tatsu or srk works well but I often see just a dive kick into mk tatsu, etc. Why not use the normal for extra damge? Is it fear of red parry?

Also do many of you use cr. lk lp for hit confirming much? This might be silly but if some players use cr.mk to confirm ken’s SA3 then does it stand to reason that one could use mk to confirm lk tatsu reliably? Maybe cr.hp?

the divekick into shoryu thing is due to faster startup iirc. If you hit really high up you can’t follow up with normals. standard hit confirms are as follows.

cr. lk, lk
cl. mk.

If i’m not mistaken you can also confirm with cr. mp up close. And ken’s cr mk confirm is quite difficult and i would say confirming off of it or similar normals does not stand to reason. Also if you jump back fireball and have meter you can cancel into super for some scaled but decent damage.

I know Jiro uses dive kick into mk tatsu a lot, and I understand the logic but it doesn’t really seem to work as well as you’d think. Obviously if a dive kick hits high enough you don’t have enough hit stun to connect a normal move, so the logic is use a special move with faster start up, and mk tatsu has 2f startup. For whatever reason, when it comes to high hitting dive kicks, mk tatsu doesn’t combo that much more often than just doing a normal after the dive kick, at least in my experience. Only against certain characters like Alex I use this. Generally if its a high hitting dive kick I’d rather just use fp srk to know for a fact it will combo.

There’s a few I use but they are situational.

v Everyone standing in corner

c.lk, c.lp x mk tatsu x whatever end

v Oro

c.lk, c.lk x rh tatsumaki

v Urien, Alex crouching (maybe others?)

c.lk, clp x fp srk

I know theres many many more but I haven’t really explored this as much as I should.

yo. i take it maybe youre wondering how not to do random tatsus based on the advice i gave you.

what i meant was like you cannot be doing low forward tatsu on my wakeup when im dudley with full meter. doing a wake up tatsu vs dudley with meter is a huge gamble as well

by confirming into tatsu i mean like off a whiff throw or a whiff punish. on my wakeup you should be mixing it up more with short short or karathrow or st mk or whatever. just not throwing out tatsu for the fuck of it. :slight_smile:

Yes your advice is certainly a part of why I made this thread ryan. On the other hand, these are questions i’ve been wanting to ask for a while so thanks for the answers gentlemen.

I get dive kick into mk tatsu often even if I’m going for dive kick into cr. mk, mk tatsu or dive kick into cl. mk into tatsu due to negative edge/mashing mk and the there not being enough time to squeeze in the normal. I’m trying to train myself not to go for the cr. mk after dive kicks because that will only connect if you hit very deep with the dick kick, but it’s tough because of course in order to cram in the normal you have to be ready to cancel fast, too, which means pressing down right around when you’re trying to cl. mk and so it’s very possible to get cr. mk instead, and I believe that I often just get mk tatsu instead in these situations, which isn’t that big of a deal.

You can definitely hit confirm cr. mk even into SA1 with Akuma, but it is really tough and no one is going to be 100% on that… like ryan said, for SA1 especially a lot of the hit confirms are going to be confirmed not by you seeing/hearing the move connect but by seeing the other guy do something unsafe like dash forward or whiff a normal right as you were already starting the cr. mk, so then you can just whip out that fireball without fear… I’d still consider that a hit confirm as long as it’s not an obvious punish after a blocked special move or sweep or something… at some point, the line between “hit confirming” and “punishing” gets blurry as you could argue that punishing a whiffed srk is just a hit confirm that you have a long time to execute and great confidence will connect and on the other side any hit confirm is technically a punish for whiffing a normal unsafely or simply for not blocking or walking forward or whatever…

I am working on the same thing as you evidently are, Funland, that being throwing out fewer tatsus after blocked cr. mk. It’s a tough habit to break because even a lot of good players aren’t very good at punishing hk tatsu, but then you’ll run into somebody who is highly skilled and who got sick of eating tatsu after tatsu one day and put in the time and effort to be able to skullfuck you just about every time he blocks one, and that’s a buzzkill hahahaha so yeah, I’ve been slowly increasing the percentage of tatsus I connect by essentially taking the same approach ryan mentioned and that I have been using to confirm SA1, that being paying as much attention to what my opponent is doing before I throw it out there, and it’s pretty common now for me to know my tatsu is going to connect before I finish the input or, slightly less commonly (lol), for me to stop short of inputting the tatsu when I know it won’t… sometimes it still comes out, but hey, fuck it, tatsu spam works… sometimes.

If you do cr mk lp fireball and max range the cr mk then it’s easy as hell to confirm.

Oddly, cr mk (and cr mp) are easy as hell to confirm to tatsus.

Gotta kick that nasty tatsu addiction Poe. Recovering addicts unite!

Are there circumstances where you sober Gouki players ever use tatsu for pressure or to push into the corner even if it’s unconfirmed? Certain characters at certain distances with certain meter?

c. lk, lp x mk tatsu, shoryu/hk tatsu works mid-screen vs Elena, Necro and Q.

And yea i haven’t fully explored it all either. I’m more interested in ambiguous demon-flip stuff on tech-rolled knockdowns and whatnot.

C.lk, c.lp is good and easy hit confirm. Just have to be ready to cancel into a super/special after the sound of the first c.lk.

C.mk is a four (?) frame hit confirm.

VS a standing opponent it’s not too difficult, when you hear the hit sound, if the opponent is not crouching then simply finish the buffer and complete the hit confirm.

But vs a opponent who is already crouching then it will be a more difficult cancel due to the nature of less visual representation. Personally I can say some days I do it consistently, some days not.


Even tho tatsumaki can be pretty abusable against many characters I think you’re better off considering it as unsafe as shoryu if you really want to develop a smart offense. The only time I feel totally safe using a tatsumaki I didn’t confirm is far stand mp x rh tatsu, which I only use against fat characters. Definitely never use lk tatsu without knowing it will hit.

its good to not be willy nilly with tatsus. one akaburo and it really hurts.

Hey bro, please post next time in such a way, that no one will have to ask you the meaning of some words. Let’s keep it clear and obvious

ok bro. red parry.

11 or 12 frames iirc.

hjap reminded me of that fact last time I played his urien. This was on xbl so respect to him but offline its not actually super difficult.

yep. I would love if a gouki kept doing tatsu vs me. It makes the matchup much easier for me. also, the risk/reward for attempting to red parry is greatly in uriens favor.

Is this video the sort of thing you’re after? [media=youtube]ayKpEbgh7tw[/media]