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This thread is for comments/corrections/additions for the Tournament Results Database

With the large amount of data collected, there may be typographical errors, inaccurate source data, and other errors that may have occurred during the collection and transfer process. If you find any errors or have additional info or tournaments that may have been omitted here, please post the information below.

Also, if possible, please include a link or any other kind of verification of the results.

Thank you!

This site is genius. Thank you for making it!

SBO 2007
There’s no character named “Shame”

SBO 2009
SFIII Third Strike
It was just Kuroda/MOV
Inoune had to leave the day of SBO or something(?), they were just a 2 man team for SBO

Thanks for the info. These errors have been corrected!

For Canada Cup:
JS Master defeated Mago in best of 5 rounds, so it should be recorded that Mago lost that match, and his record should be listed as 6-1, not 7-1.

Also, the T-Series (Toronto’s Tournaments) are not listed. I’m not familiar with the results, but I know several of the EC players are and they’ll be more than happy to give you results.

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I would eventually like to add the T-Series, as others have also suggested adding this tournament. If anyone has the results for this series, that would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I corrected the JS Master vs Mago entry but the results still look like it should be 7-1. Is this not correct?

Thanks for the feedback!

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bob for Texas Showdown 4 Alpha 3 tourney:
Justin wong used V-Sakura
Nibor was 3rd and used V-Cody

Texas Showdown 5
kindevu and BAS both used V-Akuma
Ricky O used V-Sakura

Thanks shadowcharlie. I’ve already added the new information.

BTW, I’ve also added a couple of more player bio pages in the past couple of days. One for Mike Watson and one for Ricky Ortiz with a compilation of their tournament results.


SpinalBlood (me) is reported with the UK flag while I’m Italian

thx :shy:

Fixed. :slight_smile:

I actually own most of the DVD’s for EVO and Texas Showdown. When i get the chance I’ll sit down and go through them all to get you a more detailed list on who used what characters (most of EVO is filled minus a few games here and there).



For HD Remix, in 7th, my name is listed as “Jstephen”. It should be just Stephen “Return of Shiki” Medina. :smiley:

That would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:


bb results from nec 2009 are missing

BB Singles (51 Entrants)
1: Alzarath
2: Lord Knight
3: EscapingJail
4: Nas
5: Zidane
5: Drunkenchicken
7: Tomo X
7: 10stars

BB Teams (7 Teams)
1: Team Drank (Lord Knight/Jiyuna/10stars)
2: Team Two Girls and A Cup (St1ckBuG/Nas/Alzarath)


Done for the night. This is what I was able to get for you so far. I’ll add more as I get the chance.

Note: All the info in bold/underline is the stuff that I added (I apologize for the hard read, color font is disabled)

[LEFT]Melty Blood[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Brandon “Brandino” Lee - C-Ciel[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Yuji “Yat” Tanaka - H-Shiki[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th James Xie - C Mech[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th Eric “Numake” Gutierrez - C-Mech[/LEFT]

[LEFT]4th Bill “Deus” Wellman Storm/Sentinel/Captain Commando[/LEFT]

[LEFT]GGAC (pulled this info from willvolution.com)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st Gibson/Yossan Eddie/I-No[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd FlashMetroid/AlexG/Marn Jam/Dizzy/Eddie[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd Kami-Chan/MINT/BAS Slayer/Testament/Eddie[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4th Juicy G/Blacksnake/AKA Order-Sol/Venom/Millia[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Sean Howard/Doren2k/Raekwon Baiken/Jam/Potemkin[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Miu/Kindevu/Ino Sol/Eddie/Jam[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th Cue/BobWashington/Nebraska Keith Eddie/Potemkin/Sol[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th Mago/Tokido/Ohnuki Potemkin/Eddie/Sol[/LEFT]

[LEFT]7th Kim Han Hoang “ohayo1234” C-Blanka/Rolento/Sagat[/LEFT]

[LEFT]1st Justin Wong Sentinel/Storm/Captain Commando[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd David Lee Magneto/Cable/Sentinel****Sentinel/Cable/Psylocke Magneto/Cable/Doctor Doom[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd Xecutioner Sentinel/Storm/Captain Commando Cable/Sentinel/Captain Commando Sentinel/Storm/Cyclops[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4th Chris Schimdt Magneto/Storm/Psylocke Sentinel/Storm/Magneto[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Randy Lew Cable/SentinelCaptain Commando Sentinel/Iron Man/Cable[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Tong “Genghis” Ho Sentinel/Storm/Captain Commando[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th Potter Magneto/Storm/Tronne Storm/Sentinel/Captain Command****o[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th SooMighty Magneto/Storm/Sentinel Magneto/Storm/Psylocke[/LEFT]

[LEFT]SoulCalibur 2[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st Rob “RTD” Combs Xianghua/Ivy/Voldo/Nightmare[/LEFT]
[LEFT]2nd Marquette “Mick” Yarbough Cassandra/Sophitia/Voldo[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3rd Mystic “SowNemesis” Senoir Sophitia/Cervantes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]4th Christian “Vicious Suicide” Gonzalez Yoshimitsu[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Rob “XCTU” Nagaro Talim[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5th Steven “B:L” Long Misturugi[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th Jonathan “Binkley” Soon Cervantes[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7th Steve “Eternal Fighter” Hanna Nightmare/Xianghua[/LEFT]


[LEFT]You are the man, DJ! Big thanks! Updated with your info.[/LEFT]

Tougeki 2011, 3rd place SSFIVAE, this is not “Hashigashira San” but his name is “**Hachigashira-**san” (はちかしらさん).

Fixed. Thank you!

Japanese SFIII section is up.



If there are any errors or any majors that may be missing, please let me know.

awesome site! btw, for my top 8 at devastation in HDR can you put Orlando “L2P” Frasier instead of just L2P. Thank you.