Hilarious Failed Pick-Up Videos

watch these guys go failing at picking up chicks lol too much video games…



new vid^^


He pulled 1 # at least. That’s all you need.

lol, “Can I buy you a drink? Or do you just want the money?”

Isn’t there a video section here on SRK?

Does anyone go there? I don’t.

Lol@ “What are you doin later tonight… Besides giving me a boner?” and “Have you seen this movie? You wanna watch it tonight?” :rofl:

The sad thing is… after like 10-15 failed attempts, in the end, this shit will work.

And yes, this should be in the video section.

wow, I dunno if he is really trying to get numbers or to get shut down.

the “Im back from Iraq” is sad. He is obviously seeking their “pity” rather than a date.


i like the fair ones…


pffft…what do these guys know about being a pua and gettin’ those IOIs???

There are some funny ones on there, wish i was single so i can try these out…

I dont go to the video section either…

On a scale from 1 to 10, can I have your number?

I propose that you can’t lump all videos into one video section. There’s just too many topics and every topic kinda stands out to just generalize it. By that reasoning, there can never be any video links ever, what about video games? people pwning themselves?

“I’m not selling anything…”


Nice. lol.

“My dad used to beat me. Can I get your phone number?”

Say, atleast he got a number from one chick. Shows far one can go if he had some balls.

“excuse me my dad used to beat me, can i have your number?”

but notice how both videos started out with “i just shit my pants, can i have your number?” lmao

which most of us on this forum lack.

That dude actually at least got some conversations going. I wonder how many chicks he actually talked to, but were cut out of the video for time?

This reminds me of something from EVO that I need to upload…

^ You need to upload all that evo footage Sir ! Youtube that shit.

HAhahaha fuck.

HAHAHAHAHA. Brilliant!