Hi-Res KOF '94 Re-bout shots (cool as hell...take a look)


Some purists may hate the new look, but IMO it’s a smart business move and really looks great and different.

It’d be better if they increased the depth of shading also, but that would require pallette expansion.

i like the fact that they’re trying to put effort into their sprites but i’m personally no fan of the watercolour/gradient colouring done here. It looks like an amateur fan made game. My opinion may change if it looks better in motion tho.

i think it looks like crap
the 3d backgrounds suck, so do the effects…
they still have time to make it not suck so bad
though as long as it plays fine…
and woah, you can pick edit teams!
whos the person with green hair?

"This is the first time outside of KOF '98 that you’ve been able to put Heavy D! on a team with Terry Bogard. "
Of course, hes only been in '94 and '98…

and yeah, fanmade game was exactly my first thought…

I agree it looks fanmade from the static screens, but IMO, the sprites look original and retain that “oldskool snk” flavor of the characters having a big torso and shorter limbs (they look kinda pudgy, really), combined with new effects that could look really good…

what’s up re-releasing old games… first 3s… now this…

I wouldn’t complain about the 3S release too much: it’s cheaper to get it new than the original used. :wink:

Am I the only person who thinks this looks like ass?

EDIT - No, I’m not. Good. Because it does.

It’s encouraging to see that SNK is actually trying new sprites… but yah, these are definately not up to par. I’d rather take my 16 bit goodness over this stuff.

Looks much better in movement:

And if you dont like it, simple: turn “Neo-Geo Mode” on in options and play the original version exactly like it was. Thats it. No need to whine. At least theyre doing something. And when i say “something” i mean quite a few games, actually, in 2D and 3D, old and new, low-res and high-res (and i dont mean like this one).

Time_Stop: Cool shit, didn’t know they had that option. No whining here.

Licky Glauber… LOL

I think the Sprites look ok. I mean it is not SNK’s best work but they are at least new and look pretty good in motion. The 3D backgrounds do not look right to me and make the Sprites look very flat. I hope they fix this before the release.

too bad its kof94… i hated kof94

remake of kof 94…


Number one request from japanese fans.

Only KOF without a home port.

They wanted more than just KOF:MI, NeoWave, the new PS2 controller and the mook in the 10th year.

They were not lazy enough to just make a “Hyper KOF Anniversary Edition” and be done with it.

I can see why they’d remake this gameBlah blah never really had a home conversion blah blah personally rather than wasting there time with rubbish like kof 94 could they not remake something like real bout 2 samurai shodown2? 2 game INFINENTLY better than the pile of junk that was kof94, or even better get there skates on with the home release of ss 0 special, as well as having the origenal will this revised version have the any other changes other than being tarted up visually, i wonder how faithfull will it be to the origenals mechanics.
The double pack for last blade 1 and 2 looks more appetizing

So you’re saying for the King of Fighters tenth anniversary they should’ve remade SS2 or Real Bout 2.

lol omg… does this guy not understand the signifigance of anniversaries?

They seem to have forgotten to make KOF 2004.