HI im new at arcade stick please come in

hello all tech forumers im new arcade sticks. i have 1 right now and the ball stick is kinda loose how can i fix it? it has a 3 month warranty but will the store fix it?
need your help asap.
and here is a photo of my arcade stick

It’s threads like this that make me wonder why the hell I frequent Tech Talk.

What do you mean by “the ball stick is kinda loose”? Is the balltop part coming off? Does the stick itself seem loose? Need a few more specifics.

^^^ what he said ^^^

the stick is kinda loose

Does the stick work though? Sounds like you may just be unfamiliar with Japanese-style sticks. As long as everything is working, you’re fine. But at the same time, that is a pretty cheap-looking stick, so it may not have a very “quality” feel to begin with.

I ask myself that every day! I feel like I have more input here though than the SF threads because of how scrubby I am!

Sounds normal to me from what you saying.

It’s because the actuator is smaller than the opening left by the switches, pretty common occurance in cheap crappy sticks.

Don’t worry about it.

I don’t know what margibs is wanting to say.
But reading this Thread, I see that people are mentioning three things.

One is that Ball Top is unscrewing from the Shaft.
Two is that the Shaft is spinning in place, which is normal.
Three is that there is space between Actuator and Microswitch; called Deadzone.

more dumbass Q.

This is for real?

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