Hi! im new and i have questions!

Hi guys!!! im new in this forum and i love SF since i was a kid, but ive never been able to practice well.
When SF4 came out and the chance to play it online (in Argentina the fighting community is really small) i decided to learn how to play it. I main Gief (but i want to learn how to play with another character) and managed to become a g1, and now its where my lack of ability to aplicate the basics concepts of the 2d fighting games (when to do a block string, how to do an effective cross up, how to react against a trow attempt etc.) in a real combat, and because of that im having a hard time fighting agains good players.

My question is: who i must train to being able to play correctly?

Thanks in advance.

Sorry for my bad english:shy:

Hi. :smile:

I would like to clarify your question.

Are you asking which game character you should use to be successful in SF4?

Or are you asking which human players you should practice against to become a better SF4 player?

Ryu is always a good choice, he teaches zoning, footsies, anti airs, rushdown, combos, everything really.

Yeah i thought that too, but my great weaknest i that im not able to do it in battle (for example i can do Zangief BnB combos frecuently, but when i fight someone i cant)

Thats another good question.

I think he’s asking HOW does he train to be better?

Which is a question I have aswell. I have enough time to put in to practice, practice, practice but, doing the moves over and over isn’t helping me learn to get better.

Play play play. That’s all you can do.

Or in training mode practice not only the combos, but the setups to the combos. Even practicing combos in Arcade mode or Training mode with Random Block on can help.

It kinda does. And try to use them in a match as well, it doesn’t matter if you fuck it up and lose, as long as you slowly get better overall.

If you can’t get your combos off in a real match, your execution is the problem. I’m not sure what combos you’re trying to do, but one thing that might be throwing you off is:

In SF4, you can only combo off of a linked normal, not a chained normal. For example, for Gief’s combo (cr. LP, cr. LP, cr. LP, st. LK -> EX Green Hand)
You have to make sure that when you go from cr. LP to st. LK, there is a small delay, because it is a link. So for the cr. LPs, you can hit them really fast, but for the one that cancels into EX Green hand, you have to delay it a little.

Thanks!!! i tried that and it works!!! now i only need to not get nervous (i dont know why but when i play online i cant concentrate and i start to miss my combo opportunities)

online lag will cause you to mess up your links. if you use someone that has cancelable normals, like ryu, you’ll fare better online.

to practice your combos online, just focus in particular in doing those combos all the time. perhaps you want an online training partner to practice with. try to set up your opponent into situations where you can get those combos off. for example, sweep them, and then do a crossup combo… do this frequently to get better at it…

Not to disregard your post or anything; but offline is the way to go if you really want to fine tune your game. Online can be great for general match-up knowledge but shouldn’t be a benchmark for execution at all. I played a ton online and I learned a bunch of bad habits (avoiding certain links because they are harder online, not going for punishments that are available in a lag-free environment…). Breaking those habits took time and a whole new approach to the game.

Overall though, I recommend picking 2 or 3 characters with very different play-styles and really spend some time in the training room and against other people offline.

Don’t spread yourself too thin. Pick a few combos and setups and concentrate on those until they are seamlessly incorporated into your game and you can do them from muscle memory. Then branch out to more combos and setups and more complex strategies. But remember that combos are NOT the most important part of the game. Understanding the mechanics of the game, reading your opponent, learning footsies, learning the match ups etc. all of those are more important than learning some elaborate combo.

Thanks!!! yesterday i played a friend of mine who always uses Ryu (and uses him vwry well) and finally win more matches than him (although i made some mistakes like jumping a lot).

But then he switches to Sagat and beat me up really bad :frowning: