Hi I'm a Marvel

Just thought i’d share this for all those who have never seen the “series” ItsJustSomeRandomGuy’s youtube Channel with some of the best marvel/dc/movie/comic skits out. I get a nice lil chuckle from just about every ep. He started about 2 years ago and is still going strong with em, I suggest starting from the very 1st one and work through


Ya know what’s so sad? The fact that the first video is STILL true.

Deadpool’s attempt at I’m a Marvel with Watchmen characters

Yeah i was thinking the same thing :rofl:

lol@ep 7

Been watching them since they started. Very entertaining stuff.

RandomGal is a hotty too.

Wow just got to a ep with random gal and for a Asian chick she is really hot. And she digs comics +1 :tup:

I think this is my fave ep out of what i’ve seen so far. :rofl:@punisher.

tell meh what ya think? [media=youtube]QtmrDOIpgmo[/media]