Hey, Street Fighter IV is on sale, neat!

For $10 bucks? I think I’ll pick it up~ wait.

It’s not super!! AcK! I almost forgot that there isn’t a PC version for SSFIV. Now I’m sad.

One time, a long long time ago, back when the Sega CD became a paper weight, Blockbuster had a used Sega CD games bin. All the games were one dollar. Looking back on it I find it interesting how wildly popular the Sega CD was with kids in my elementary school. That was back in the old Sega vs Nintendo days amongst us. I believe the argument was:

Super Nintendo > Sega Genesis

Super Nintendo < Sega Genesis + Sega CD add on

Yep, that’s how it went. Then there was the PlayStation release and all bets were off on the snes reigning over anything anymore. What I don’t get is how the Genesis claimed 16 bits of processing as well but just didn’t look up to par. I remember something about the Genesis only able to show 8 colors on the screen while the snes could do much more or something to that effect. And now I’m rambling…

I was a playstation kid. One Christmas, my dad got me and my sis a playstation. We rented games from Hollywood video. It twas fun playing Megaman Legends, Brave Fencer Musashi, and FFVII. I miss those kinds of games.

Shiiit, who doesn’t? Just thinking about FF7 brings back a nice warm feeling and epic happiness. Sigh…

I miss Narroo sister…

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go out & get it!

Ah, the good ol’ Playstation. I still remember playing the original Resident Evil. In the dark. Then that damn dog jumped through the window. My sister nearly wet herself… yeah… my sister.

I remember a time when-fuck this thread and the OP should get an infraction.