Hey Sfmc!!!

Hey post your comic again. I am too lazy to look for it. :slight_smile:

Had some good stuff and I was just wantin’ to take a look again.

Are you going to finish ir or did you add anymore? I wanna see.

Heh ok. I have 3 pages and a cover which i never posted. Only got the chance to color 1 page which is this one. Hey Gam if you have any texture tutorials hook me up. Well here you go.

Sweet deal. And no I don’t have any texture tutorials, I usually have to resort to manually drawn detail if I want it.

I hear custom brushes work wonders though.

Cool cool. I know how to make brushes, but can you show me how to get textures on them with ps7? I tried to email and ask this one chick but she never answered me. Im off to drop a bad line in her guest book.

holy cow peter, thats some sweet coloring.
What kind of texture are you trying to make? just try the pattern fill paint bucket.

BTW do you know how to fix the freeform pen tool in ps7?

Capitalize my name next time buddy. Just joking. I tried scanning textures but it doesn’t come out too well, maybe I am doing it wrong. Looking for lots of textures like jacket, wall, concrete.

Take a screen shot and show me what you are talking about. I think I know what you are talking about, but not sure.

Wish I could help, I have no idea how to do textures.

Sadly, you may have to cout detrimentart, I mean deviantart.com for tips.