Hey, I just noticed something

I don’t know if it’s just me, but for me, it’s easier to fight looking at the other character instead of the fighter that I am controlling in a fighting game match. So I always focused on the opponent. Today, I was practicing a combo, and I noticed that combos were a lot easier when I switched that focus to my own character. In other words, combos are easier to do when I look at the character that’s doing combo rather than the character that is being beaten. Try it out.

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2001, really?

ya rly

This is actually quite reasonable, if only because the animation of your character remains constant whereas the animation of the opponent’s character does not, and if the combo is actually a combo, you don’t really need to pay attention to your opponent’s character (save games with Bursts or something).

I have skewered your data by checking off each option!

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Good work, warrior.

moment of truth


I made this thread to promote my channel and upcoming combo video

I find it easier if you look at the space around their character, rather than their character directly

Ya, directly at the character is too much info. I look for how the character’s sprite expands, or contracts, in to its surrounding area.

I don’t even notice tbh. I just look where I need to… If that makes sense? I’ll be looking at both mine and my opponents char… Happens naturally.

When I played competitively, that is how I won all my matches.

I always look my opponent dead in the eye! Fuck looking at the screen!

I do not play Eternal Fighter Zero.

have anyone of you tried playing by sound alone?

Real men play by smell!

paying attention to your opponent helps you win? I need to rethink my strategies.

itt peripheral vision whatup

Yes, I play it sometimes. I would’ve played more often, but neplay is laggy for me.

yeah, shit was wild. a friend and myself did a few matches blindfolded, recorded the matches (this is on 3s, ps2) and when we watched em, it looked like two people who were actually playing normally, but maybe sucked? we parried a few projectiles, would jump over fireball supers, honestly it was a little eerie. definitely recommend it.

Lol, playing by sound and smell = win.

Well duh, but general gameplay against an opponent is improved when you watch your opponents character rather than yours. You’d be surprised how many people have the habit of watching their characters more than their opponents.