HEY HEY 6/14/08 CHinatownfair 3v3 3s and 2v2 GG TEAM TOURNAMENTS In NY!

Hello again people I will be hosting another event. The 3s tournament will be changed around this time. It will be 3v3 format and I am allowing the same characters. YES THAT’s RIGHT I SAID IT SAME CHARACTERS.

Location: NYC MOtt st. Here is a link if you get lost or whatever http://maps.google.com/maps?q=8+mott...98608654496215

SBO STYLE!!! PEOPLE COME OUT AN PLAY!!:encore::encore::encore:

3V3 format for 3s 3 dollars per head (Make a team of 3):tup:

2v2 Format for GG 2 dollars per head (Make a team of 2):bgrin:

Prize Structure: 1st-70%of pot 2nd-20% of pot 3rd-10% of pot

Time: 6 pm registration 7pm tourney starts.

SINgle ELIMINATION SINGLE GAME!!! Same characters are allowed.:badboy::badboy::badboy:

Now this means I am allowing a team of ken’s to team together. Now if you feel this is cheap sorry but from what I saw last time it was a crap load of ken’s. SOoooooooo now that I am running a 3v3 tournament i know people don’t have other character experience so I will allow it this time. If a certain team like 3 chun’s happen to dominate the tournament sorry.

Just get more people to come with character variety and I will change the rules if not it will stay like this. This means GET MORE PEOPLE TO COME WITH DIFFERENT CHARACTERS FOR 3v3 FORMAT. I don’t want to host a 3 chun team vs a 3 ken team tournament its gay but I have too due to the amount of people who play the same character. :yawn::yawn:


AS for GG… people just fucking come out and play on stick please come out and play GG for christ sake. :pray::pray::pray::pray:

GG Rulez will be posted by anakron and is taking a majority vote for rules for what format works best for him. :cybot::cybot:

The standings from last Time were
1st- Team sunny side up jwong (chun) Noel (Elena)
2nd- Team Bipolar KOfiend (Yang) HelgenX (Ken)
3rd- Team 718 ANtishoto (Alex) Merc7 (Ken) and Team whatever Frankie(Ken) J (Makoto) This time I will make third place battle it out.


  1. Team BFFs: Justin and Noel
  2. Long Island Crew: Bob and Joe
  3. White kids: Anakron and Greek
  4. Johnky: Mike and Johnny

WHO will win this time due to the format Changes ??? POST PEOPLE GET HYPE!!!:tup::tup::tup:

EVERYONE GOGOGO. Team BFF’s and Team SunnySide up + an extra member will make their return to defend the title.

Uh Oh!!! Already Eh Tinshi? GudShit!!! Gonna Play Ken 4 this 1 :rock:
Who wants 2 team??? OH AND TEAM NJ BETTER SHOW UP THIS TIME:arazz:

im there

team fetal slaughter time?

or will i join a different team?

who knows!

edit: i have teams already lol

fetal slaughter (frantastic + sergio + henaki)
indecisive (greek + henaki)

3 vs 3 3s meh

You’re already dead :mad:

Add cvs2 singles please? I have no problem running it.

I’ll make a seperate thread once I get everything confirmed or whatever.

I dunno man Tinshi was able to run the last tourney quickly in part 'cause there were only two games going on. I really like Tinshi and Anakron’s concept here of running things in a shorter amount of time.

How about CVS2 on an alternate weekend? And ST! (ugh) June 7th maybe? There might be a marvel tournament that day, too.

well, try and organize an st/cvs2 tournament so it works with a marvel tourney.

I was thinking the same thing Nohoho. I was about to ask if you wanted to run ST because I had a spare bracket sheet. ST would definitely be a good idea.

Ok, I finally decided on GG rules.

If there are 8 and under people, I will run a round robin. This will only be a a dollar ($1.00 US). The reason why it’s only a dollar is because if you lose all your matches, you’ll only spend 5 dollars max. This will be a 2vs2 team tourney with SBO style rules. No same character, no character switching, yes order switching, blind order picking.

If there are 8+ people, I’ll run it the same way it was ran last time. Simple 2vs2 teams tourney. Single elim and SBO rules. This will be $2.
2nd place will receive token redemption ($4 at the most) out of the pot money and 1st place will have what’s left.

The day isn’t a big deal to me. As long as I can get something going, i’m happy.

But, I can see how it works, maybe doing 2 games rather than 4+ will make it be less crowded. Like, I know alot more people play GG and 3s rather than 3s and cvs2, and that there are more that play cvs2 and ST, but not so much 3s and ST.

Would you rather it be ST + cvs2 the 7th?

Again, i don’t care, as long as something gets going.

If you guys wanna run ST I have no problem I just have one favor from anyone if possible. Contact me what you are going to do for rules and stuff. Also I need this to run on time so lets all try to get their on time people. Sorry about last time I was late but I still got people.


Anakron - Yeah actually Green Tea’s brother, Chamomile, thought there was going to be ST last saturday. heh. I’m not sure if we woulda had enough people and anyway like I was saying I wouldn’t want to impede Tinshi’s joint. If Nick is ok with the 7th I guess we’ll aim for that.

Nick T. - pm sent. I don’t think it matters/anyone will care if there are separate threads for cvs2/st and mvc2.

Tinshi - You did a great job on sat dude! Shit was real quick which imo was most excellent. I hope y’all get some a/v sorted out next time incl. microphone. I’m going to try to convince Green Tea to carry my ass again. Maybe Anti-shoto would join us for an ST players 3S team.

seweeet! this should turn out good. And st sounds good

Team Cheerios will get their revenge against Team Cocoa Puffs! :open_mouth:

I can’t play on stick for my life =(

**I don’t mind the 3v3 format which is sick. Grabbing 3rd that time was a blast, and I look forward to doing somewhat of the same, if not going for more if I can with 2 other people.

I just got word that my Flushing pard, Merc7, isn’t planning to come back for a while, so I still have to find 2 pards to do this one way or another. Maybe w/ Team L.I just for kicks? Only time will tell.


**Unless HelgenX and KO Fiend don’t ask me first, and we negotiate with some Jack Daniels or some Wild Turkey 101 afterwards >=)
j/k…But, seriously…Just come w/ a better name than last time…please !!:pray::pray::pray:

I’ll just have to decide whether or not if I want to play Blue Hulkamania w/ Red Hulk and Green Norris on my side, or just go w/ Emo Shock Trooper. (ne)

Pepsi w/ Palo Viejo as a warmup anyone!? I’m down for it!!

-AntiShoto- **

If i dont work sat i’ll def come by.
gg and cvs yay

We Need to get sum MMs goin :bgrin:

I’ve got $10 on
<name drawn out of a hat out of all 3s entrants>
2 out of 3 games.

Show us how it’s done, cupcake.