Hey guys...

Look what I just bought…


$375 good deal?


Make sure you adjust the monitor though lol.

Yeah it’s a 19" which is pretty small for a cabinet that big. I need to buy a MVC2 cart for another machine I have then I will find a bigger monitor for it after that. Still though, how many SSF2T machines in that condition do you see out in the wild!

Such an investment

I think I was watching that one on ebay yesterday???

Looks pretty sweet thou

yea…get a bigger monitor.
Although with my tastes that upgrade could run you $400 after taxes.

Bigger is Better imo

get a bigger monitor and convex happ parts

Oh you know it. Most likely going to end up with a 27 or 29 inch monitor when all is said and done. As for competition push buttons I keep plenty of extras in the stash.

I heard that. At this point I almost feel like my best bet is to find a used cab with a usable monitor, gut it, sell the boards/power/harness on Ebay then stick my old 19" PC CRT in it and sell it to some MAME junky. Maybe if I’m slick I could even just switch out monitors and nearly break even. I bought a Power Stone cab with a 27" monitor and a working Naomi system for $300 a month ago so I’ll probably go that route over dropping almost five on a new monitor shipped.

That looks very damn nice!