hey guys

what’s going on in this thread? :wink:

hello I like video games and candy

I used to have hermit crabs they were awesome

yo I like video games and candy TOO! what kinds of candy do you like? I like lots but especially sour candy and dark chocolate

Why is this northwest section dead…


Seattle Battlegrounds in 2 weeks. Who’s going?

I’m starting to wonder if this was what the section was like in late 07, right before I found it, a lot of games happened from 08-2017.

Still waiting to be accepted to the facebook group… I wonder if SRK will surge again when a big game drops.

MvC2 was still active and there was a ‘general thread’ here to keep people posting. It wasn’t this dead until, the 1-2 combo of buggy new forum software and Facebook killed it. We also had Preppy’s gatherings as well. MvC2, VF5 and ST were in regular rotation for most of 2007-early 2008.

I see. Did you guys try the EJB codes on Mortal Kombat cabs?


jion wansu wtf you live in the northwest?!?!? wtf how long have you been living here?!?!?!?!!?! @Pablo_the_Mex can you invite him to the next event. also can you invite ckrazy too, i never got to meet him live

I already tried inviting Jion lol, never gets back to me.

Dont invite Jion he plays Akuma in ST

true story i played jion in chess. jion can we hangout pls???

rcaido i’m back in seattle next week can we hangout pls??? pablo how come you dont invite rcaido to the fight nights???

It’s so sad to see the NW section dead, what happened?

Man I feel so old now, lol.

NW section dead again???