Hey FGC i've just started promoting a new Fighting Game IP - Help a designer out with your feedback!


The History of the Tournament

Note: The concept artwork is mostly 2d, but this is meant to be developed as a 3d realistic game.

So this isnt an actual game…you madr a thread about some drawings?

Hey Pethro! It’s a game that’s been in pre-production for a while but not yet developed. (At the point of searching for investors / developers).

The 21 characters, costumes, movelists, stages, even some of the soundtracks… it’s all there.

Promotion-wise the subreddit is only 3 days old. Decided not to just throw everything from the get go, but share little by little daily.

Please tell me… What did you think of the story? (It’s the first post).

The answer to your question would seem to be yes.

Do you have a gameplay system in mind?

Plenty of people like story stuff but this llace is about gameplay.

How is this hypothetical fighter supposed to play?