Heroes World: MVC3! MIDNIGHT LAUNCH PARTY! (Markham/York Region)

Hey guys, just a quick post that Heroes World will be doing a Midnight Launch Party for MVC3!

Date: Tuesday February 15th @ 12:00AM

Heroes World Comic Shop of the New Millennium
8601 Warden Avenue Unit 13 (North-East Corner of Hwy 7 and Warden)
Markham, Ontario
L3R 0B5
(905) 948-1949
Facebook “Heroes World Citizen”

Event Details:
Marvel vs Capcom 3 Casuals Jam Session
12:00am to 2:00am
-Casuals (Winner stays style)
-possible mini-tournament
-2-4 stations set-up (mixed Xbox and PS3)
-some fight sticks on hand but bring your own if you can!

Still working on this, but possible posters and other goodies to be given away to participants.

Entry Fee:
$5.00 or you can receive FREE entry if you purchase a copy of MVC3 from Heroes World

If you would like a copy of the game please try to stop by the store and leave a $5 deposit to guarantee yourself a copy. We will have extra copies on hand but we don’t know how long those will last if people don’t preorder. We will have both Xbox 360 and PS3 Regular Edition copies for $59.99 (plus taxes) each, at the moment we have NO special editions coming in. So please preorder if you can (even if you can’t leave deposit you can leave me a heads up so i can try to save you one, but no promises) because if we run out there is nothing i can do for you!

If you have any questions let me know! Thanks!

I would love to come down for this but I need a ride to HW sadly.

Mmm… still no confirmation on SE version eh?

If we like, get a normal version, can we trade up to get the SE if you get it? LOL

Hmmm, 68b does not run from after 10pm to 5am…looks like I’ll miss out…


what he said

lol I will give anyone willing to give me a lift to and back $10 for gas!
I’m not that far from pick up(work at Steeles and Leslie), the trip back…well, that’s at sheppard and warden :smiley:

I might be able to get you to the store, I’m not sure bout getting you home though. There are some magic events going on that I want to be at, so I’m not sure if I’ll be staying at the store or not… Gimme a call or text tm regardless!

Thanks Pat, left you a message on fb because it’s pretty frickin’ late now.
It’s about your number, ever since that night, I forgot to correct the last 3 in your number then I ended up screwing up the whole thing lol!

If there are buses still running in Scarborough by 2am, I’ll be fine taking it home from steeles(if anyone else can drop me off). If not, I believe a cab from HWY 7 to Steeles is about $10 then bus.

check it! got some goodies from Erik @ Udon Entertainment for the launch party! Rare mini posters and a super rare MVC2 vinyl record cover (sorry no record, just the cover)!!

I am on my break at work crying over the EPIC goodies there!
VLX is attracting alot of unnecessary attention in our break room…as well as my Macbook from classes today.

Ugh, I wish YRT wasn’t so garbage or that the 68B wouldn’t stop so early, I’d swing by.

hey all, with the release of MVC3 thought i should put up an updated joystick stock!

Xbox 360 Sticks:
Madcatz MVC2 TE - $179.99
Madcatz Femme Fatale TE (Very limited!) - $339.99
Hori VX-SA - $169.99
Hori EX-SE - $89.99 (USED)
Hori Tekken 6 Wireless stick bundle (includes Tekken 6 and artbook) - $69.99

Hori V3-SA - $169.99
Hori FS3 - $59.99
Hori Tekken 6 Wireless stick bundle (includes Tekken 6 and artbook) - $69.99
Mayflash Fight Stick (PS2 compatible!) - $59.99

Got home after the launch expecting to learn a bit more of the game mechanics and what do I see when I opened my SE? Pat’s Left 4 Dead 2!

Bait and switch! Bait and switch!

good games tonight, found one of the characters I want to use but Jon’s right, Sentinel is gay! :smiley:

Left 4 Dead>MvC3

Poor Steve.

What time did you guys jam until?

we only played till about a little past 2am…ppl were getting tired

and steve was complaining about pizza pizza’s lack of selection of slices at 1:30am!! haha

sorry steve! i had assumed you guys grabbed the game before leaving as i wasn’t the one shutting down that station…i say blame pat :slight_smile:

yeah, and sentinel is simply not fun to watch or play against…i suspect i won’t be playing many ppl that main sentinel

Complaining about Pizza Pizza’s selection? Hey when a business claims they’re opened til a certain time, I would think that they have stock lol! Seriously, nothing there, I was gonna order a poutine but none okay I will have a slice. No wait, absolutely none available. The had one classic panzerotti left so why not. Turns out that it wasn’t classic and my most hated Hawaiian flavor…fail.

I should be dropping by today but only to pick up my MvC3. My brother pulled a dick move and said he doesn’t need a copy anymore because he’s going to London and Bestbuy has it since he has BB gift card. I hope they don’t have any SE versions left lol!

I’m sure Capcom was smart enough to design non-projectile/rush down characters to be more smarter to get around projectile spamming. Felicia’s dash seems to go through opponents or she has a special move to cross up because I seem to have done it to Aden yesterday night. She-Hulk has got her qcf+H which makes her unstoppable and the wall jump seems really good in locking down into your opponent.