Heroes of the Storm: Blizzard's All Star MOBA for people who hate MOBA's

Basicly an Blizzard All Star MOBA, although Blizzard refuses to call it that and more something like a “Hero Brawler”.

I’m somewhat looking forward to this, Blizzard has a cast of established characters from their Warcraft, Diablo and Starcraft universes which bound to attract attention.
(They also said they were intrested in adding some of their older franchises i.e. Lost Viking and Rock & Roll Racing)
It looks more dynamic, faster and fun than League of Legends imo.

Blizzard also made some clever design choices in terms teamplay, let’s face MOBA online communites are one of the worst out there.
The level cap is shared, so your whole team levels.
There is no individual gold, so helping out a team member on a different point of the map doesn’t hurt you.

Cinematic trailer:




I’ll post some matches and updates later.

Updated 1st post

Yep seen this coming, with League and Dota 2 going mainstream, everyone wants a peace of that Moba money. Good to see the decline of CoD, and the release of good single player games and popularity in PC gaming growing. 2010-2012 were the shit years for gaming, nothing but trash came out those years. (with a FEW exceptions)

Global Gold and shared Team Leveling is a great design choice. It removes alot of the toxicity and forces teamwork and team performance.

I will definitely be looking out for this. LoL is just not fun anymore too much autism.

My sentiments exactly, that’s what turns me off in games like LoL, so much toxic behaviour.

Actually got my invite last night, got to play a bit today. Just seems like a lighter version of existing Mobs, which is good because they are too hardcore for me to get into. I really liked the different maps having different objectives, and the biggest thing I like is seeing existing blizzard heroes as the characters.

The Hero rotation this week is interesting:

Brightwing (available at level 7)
Demon Hunter
Sgt. Hammer
Raynor (Free for all players in all game modes.)

There’s no real tanks in the mix – outside of Sgt. Hammer being a literal tank! No Diablo, Stitches, ETC, etc. Within that meta, I’ve actually had some success with Sgt. Hammer. Played a game yesterday with WhiteRa (of SC2 fame) where I played Siege Tank, and was able to have 18 takedowns and 1 death, just based on positioning just right. If some assassin heroes can get the drop on my, I’m definitely in trouble though. But late game, when I’ve got my range upgraded to the max, and deal bonus damage at max range, I’m able to rain hellfire on fight while staying out of harms way; Pushing is very easy with her as well. And with those rockets, she can get the fuck out of dodge at a moments notice. You definitely need situational awareness though, you have to recognize a bad situation and unsiege before its too late.

I think vs tankier heroes, she’d have some issues, but shes more fun than I realized and fairly unique too.

this was the most lopsided game I’ve seen

@"Pimp Willy"‌

What’s your impression after playing for some time now?
The game seems fun but does it have enough depth? Does it compare somewhat to League of Legends or does it play more differently?

Seeing people playing the Alpha makes me wanna play too.
Knowing Blizzard it’s gonna take a while before it’s released.

I have never played lol. I played very little dota2. I found dota 2 to be too intimidating, with the huge selection of heroes, and the fear of jumping into a game and fucking over a team. I think I seriously played 2 or 3 games with actual people, most of the time I spent with bots just learning how to play.

With Heroes of the Storm, I have jumped into vs games right off the bat almost, and really never looked back.

Unfortunately, I can’t give you perspective vs other mobs really, but I will tell you why this appeals to me vs any other moba I’ve seen/tried

  1. SHORT GAMES! 20 minute games is a godsend. No slow ramp up period, the game is 20 minutes and all 20 minutes are intense. Seconds count.

  2. DIFFERENT MAPS! Seriously, having maps with different objectives really breaks up the monotony. A map like Dragon Shrine uses way different tactics than haunted mines, and really even affects which heroes are good on which maps or how they should play.

  3. BLIZZARD HEROES!: Pretty much every hero has a full backstory, and I can recognize everyone. This makes me more attached to a hero than when something shows up in dota (which, ironically, most dota heroes were based on warcraft 3 models anyway). Down the line, when a new hero comes, I am already invested into it. Plus, knowing all those heroes already, gives me an idea of what to expect from them ability wise, which as the roster grows, is invaluable.

They also have some cool hero ideas. Abathur is really unique. Sgt Hammer (Siege Tank) is also really unique. I have a high hopes for the design teams pulling out good stuff since its blizzard.

Thanks for the insight Pimp Willy, much appreciated!

I play some LoL from time to time but the toxic community is a big turn off.

The things you sum up are positive compared to LoL, a 20 min games i better since a 5v5 game in LoL take up like 45 min and sometimes signs of defeat are prominent early, only adding to the toxicity.
Besides that, LoL basicly does revolve around only ONE damn map, which gets annoying after a while.
The map gameplay also seems more dynamic to me (with collecting coins for ghost ship attacks or collecting skulls etc)
And who doesn’t like Bilzzard chars :wink:

Tassadar is so good. Basically, they said you don’t die unless you want to. Seems to be true : )

You give up on the game/thread? So much new info, new hero this week, youtube trailer is out. Artifacts = fucking this game up, hero progression change = bad. Really torn on the direction they’re taking the game : )

Here the new trailer to hype you at least


Live Stream in like 20 minutes with the developers here:

This is actually a perfect thread title. Hopefully more people who are bad at MOBAs give this game a shot, it looks really straight forward and easy.

Rehgars talents actually make him well rounded. He seems to be able to spec melee damage, totem support, or healbot. Global bloodlust is interesting too

Big patch today


removing previously mandatory (to be good) talents, and moving their effects to the new artifact system

Adding a new “last hit” talent to increase a characters damage permanently (+1 damage per 5 minions killed).

Rebalanced lots of characters… Murky got ass raped in his sieging effectiveness

New Map

Patch is finally up, gonna try the new character.

Have 111k gold now, they gave 75k bonus gold to anybody over level 30 to test the new artifact system lol

So excited for this. Have you tried out Demon Hunter (if it’s available yet), @"Pimp Willy"‌

Yeah, shes was really OP, she can stack attack speed and life leech, and basically could walk up and tank towers herself. She got a bit of a nerf this patch, not sure how she is now. She basically could reduce her cooldowns with each attack, use her vault to reset her cooldown on her hungering arrow, and store 2 charges (with the right talentS). So you go arrow, vault, arrow, vault, arrow, and kill most people.

She never really meshed well with me though, her vault was cool but if I used it offensively I felt like I was sure to die. She was kinda like a carry type role, really good mid to late game, like most other assassins… and I just am more of a Zeratul guy to be honest.

You’re saying her lifesteal applied WHILE ATTACKING TOWERS?

What the fuck, this game…