Heroes of Newerth - FREE TO PLAY! MAY 13 - MAY 22!

Normally, the only threads I start have to do with avatars…however, HoN is the only game I care about that isn’t a fighter so I thought I’d share this with everyone.


The link above takes you where you can make a free acct for HoN and play unlimited games until May 22! This is a big deal because the normal trial accounts only last ten games. Jump on this if you ever wanted to try out the game! Add me in game when you do! (nick:savaii64).

Note: The HoN community has the most trolling I’ve ever seen (in game and on forum etc) so be warned.



I somehow already have account info under my e-mail…
but Imma still dl and find a way to get on!


C’mon SRK, lets get some HON on! :smiley:

ill try it out, i play lol so i need to get used to denying. name is ComcastCable

Yo I’m a regular player add me. Heart_Aino

anyone wanna play a game of lol

Hell no, PR, get HoN or gtf-on ggpo lol

They’re taking 3s off soon, fuck GGPO now, there’s no point, the only reason to get on was to talk to the 3s room and maybe play a few games, I’m going to miss those guys :frowning:

And fuck, I guess I’ll see what this HoN nonsense is about.

WTF no 3s on ggpo…dammit…

add me in HoN when you get 'em.

I guess they think it’s going to take away from 3sOE’s sales or some shit, yeah, 100 copies that WERE going to get bought anyways, instead, you get 100 pissed off people.