Heroes And Heralds War Room: I Dunno Week

I’ve created this thread to try and organize a whole bunch of SRK members together. I figure the more of us we get together, the easier it will be to go stomp through the Online VS mode and gain more rewards for our side.

We WILL need to try coordinating each week to decide on a team, and I figure this is a good a place as any to do so.

Posts regarding gamertags, card strategies, W/L records are also acceptable :smiley:

Let’s get out there and Save the Earth! (Or Destroy it, depending on the week XD)


I have no input whatsoever on what we should be week one… Just posting to say count me in for whatever you guys are gonna do. :slight_smile:
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Once I gather decent number of people we’ll put it to a vote :smiley: (i’d like to start with Hero, but I’m sure many others wanna use that silver skin ASAP)

They didnt confirm you could only get that team if you play herald though, did they? I belive they only said the skin is default for heralds, not that it’s unlocked that way. (Sorry if you mean using it by playing as heralds rather than unlocking the skin).

I wonder if scores are going to be 100% decided by amount of wins rather than a percentage. If that’s the case it will probably be a numbers battle, and it will be best to see where the majority of players are going before deciding on a team.

I’m in.

I meant a lot of people that’ll wanna play using the Herald Skin, IE playing on Herald side. Presumably they’ll be unlocked thru winning on either side :stuck_out_tongue:

I also think scores WILL be based on # of wins, from the looks of it.

Excellent. :smiley: I’m really pumped for this! Go tell all your SRK buddies about this thread; we need a whole bunch of people :smiley:

Lol im in for this xD High school student though, so coordinating a good time is a must.

I’ll be getting the game on Xmas so I’ll be joining on week 2 then.

I would think it would be based on percentages. Wins would be silly because everyone is gonna want to play as the Heralds. EVERYONE. Trenchcoats look better in silver.

The only thing to coordinate is when we choose teams. I imagine we’ll vote on which side to choose each week, and I’ll tally the votes/release the decision the night before the next week begins. More details will be available as this week progresses.

Excellent! Thank you so much for your support :slight_smile:

I’d considered that previously…I think that also means a bunch of scrubs will be flocking to the Herald side XD

Damn I bet you can only get the rare cards playing online and winning that week. I rather get em all offline lol.

We’re also shooting for the Herald skins, but more importantly it’s about getting the community together :slight_smile:

Totally in, though I live very far away so laggy lag lag and other concerns (like maybe ppl will be drafted by zone or something)

Yeah, I don’t see it being a problem XD no worries.

Count me in, I’ll go with whatever team you guys decide on.

Since most of the skill on online Marvel is found here on SRK. I’m pretty sure we’ll have no trouble winning those silver skins on week 1. Let’s Go!

I’m totally in. And so is my friend who never posts here.

That’s the idea. I figure we get enough killers together, we can stomp some serious face :smiley: Thank you for the support.

Thank you both very much! I’m very happy to have you both! Please tell your friends on SRK and IRL :slight_smile: