Here's some vids of me and friend dwayne playing each other. We've been playing each for years sinc

I took down the videos. I will post them in a new thread. Thanks for the comments everyone. Take it easy.


Hory shet that’s a lot more than some

I saw the last one and lol duds get blown up. Nice shit I like the combos but chun spam’d that d,f hk too much. You pretty much stood there expecting it lol

Thank You. I will continue to upload more as weeks and months go by. This is pretty much the only fighting game that I play seriously. I’ve played Dudley for 12 years. With Ryu and Ken being my first characters to learn. I’m loving the 3rd Strike online edition. I have a ps3 and my psn name is bm717252.

Your game centers primarily around jump in forward+throw. You have no ground game at all.

If you’ve really been playing Dudley for 12 years and came up with this, you need to seriously re-evaluate yourself from a third person perspective. It’s not a good look. I wouldn’t be saying this if you were someone who’s been playing Third Strike for a few months or so but 12 years?

I understand that a ground game is just as important as the 50/50 jump in throw. i do realize this. But, I didn’t really think that having a ground game was an important aspect of playing Dudley. I have my own playing style that I have developed over the years when playing with this character. I don’t play like everyone else. Everybody plays every character differently. So far it’s worked pretty well in my favor. Thanks for the comments.

Listen, people would not criticize you if you’re playing the right way. It’s OK if you don’t want to play like everyone else, but certain strategies are not used for a reason (e.g. not blocking). If you like to jump in, I can just uppercut you on reaction until you start parrying the uppercut. Then the can of worms is opened because you started air parrying, which means I have every method under the sun to anti-air you. Also, I could always jump away, or do air to air.

And lol, why is Emil doing here? No one is arguing that American is better than Japan in Third Strike.

Took the words right out of my fucking mouth man.

Thanks cong. I understand things clearly now. I was just explaning that I was used to playing. I need all the advice I can get. I want to get better. Everyone does. You play PSN netowrk? or Xbox live?

Unfortunately, I only play offline w/ a few people for now. D:

Oh ok. Is there a friends list on this site? I would like to add you to the conversation thread thingy. It’s been a while and I haven’t posted anything in 5 years until now. Lol.

why didnt origins get the upload shit

And thanks man. I learned the jumping parry bait habits and the use of the Rocket Uppercut by watching Dudley greats such as Fujiwara. I learned the use of the corkscrew super through watching Kokujin vids on youtube back in 07. 178 is another example to mention.

tell the Chun player they can OS parry/standing roundhouse and deal with those jump ins. also that they need to stay on the ground, no reason to be jumping around like that when your character is the best ground character in the game. also no more crouching roundhouses!

Good question? From the looks of the avatar, you must be the premium supporter. Hello.

Marvel vs Capcom Origins doesn’t have a replay upload feature like 3SOE does. that’s all he’s talking about.

ohhhhhhhhh ooooooook. Thanks man. Who do you play in 3rd Strike? Dudley right?

Chun/Ken/Makoto/Ryu/Elena/Alex/Yun in that order and on a rotation usually.

I’m sure that sounds ridiculous. but like you I’ve been trying to improve by playing mostly against one other person. so we both end up sort of playing a lot of characters for variety.

So I randomly picked the third video, the 2:11 long one, I’m going to try to write down a bunch of stuff that I see wrong with it.

0:00 Why Elena’s stage? Shit gives you eye cancer.
0:01 Remixed music? Again, big mistake.
0:04 You started off with ducking into nothing, hoping for what? That they’d sit there and eat a throw? For risk of eating a fierce or sweep? And they started off with neutral jump RH, which I guess isn’t terrible, but isn’t very productive, and can turn into a bad habit very quickly.
0:07 Why did they super-jump at Dudley with Chun j.MP? And why didn’t you blast the fuck out of them for doing that?
0:10 Let’s count how many times he uses that move. One. (The correct amount of times to use this move is zero.)
0:12 EX-Flip Kick thing as anti-air. Right.
0:14 Two.
0:15 Jump forward HP HP as a guess will lead to a lot of pain very fast…
0:16 …But in this case they got away with a slap on the wrist.
0:22 Why did they waste the meter for no reason?
0:30 Full screen EX-Flip Kick. Sure.
0:32 Another guess j.HP HP, but it worked this time, so I guess whatever.
0:34 Super wall jump early MP. That should be an automatic uppercut or something every time.
0:35 Another EX-Flip Kick thing out of range. Alright.
0:38 Three, and it hit for some reason.
0:40 No super, but it was kind of a weird situation, so whatever.
0:42 Another jump forward j.HP HP. As long as it always hits, then I guess it’s fine?
0:43 Ahh yes, the classic jump back MP jump forward MP.
0:44 Back Swing Blow pretty far out of range.
0:47 Another BSB, but I guess it wasn’t as bad as the one before it.
0:48 Parried her st.MP, but didn’t punish with st.RH, instead you did cr.RH, which hit for some reason.
0:49 Obviously you screwed up the combo, but that isn’t as bad as…
0:50 The literal no punish from him.
0:55 Four, and way out of range.
0:58 Screwed up the confirm, but yet again…
1:02 You get away with a slap on the wrist.

Welp, that’s enough for me.

as I watch these I feel like there is a certain logic going on in the Chun player’s choices. probably doesn’t make sense to everyone but there is a reason Chun does some of the things she does.

crouching roundhouse anti air is to beat someone going for jump in 50/50s and not buffering parry on the jump in.

jump mp is used because it’s great air to air if someone isn’t buffering parry on their jump in. instead of you guessing on a jump in mixup, you deal a little damage. beats out more than fierce x 2.

that crossup down+forward+roundhouse is to beat wakeup uppercuts or super, or at least minimize risk of damage from them. and if you’re lucky maybe they hit.

basically it seems like both people want to play it as a primarily air game. one day the Chun player got tired of guessing on jump ins and decided she was going to meet Dudley in the air.

if you guys both have fun playing each other I don’t see any problem with it all. I think if the Chun player devoted more of his time towards developing a strong ground game (complete with ground anti airs and reactions) it would force you both to play the game differently.