Here's my sunday best: Iron Man costume revealed(red/yellow)


:wow: :clap: :nunchuck: :rock: :pray: :lovin: :party: :tup:


Even though he’s a goddamned traitor in my eyes, and I’ll never forgive him for it, I’ll still see the film.

I’m glad we don’t have to worry that the armor will suck.

Yeah, that’s looking pretty badass.

wow, looks like they just plucked it out of the comic and put it on the big screen, too good!

Holy shit, i think I may have one more Marvel film to look forwards too. That looks sweet, and best of all, accurate.

I read that Downey Jr. is a comic fan that loves Iron Man so maybe this will work out well?

Hey, they got something right for once! Probably gonna wait for it on DVD, but still, that’s very sweet.

I wonder if he will sport the PROTON CANNON! lol

where do the smart bombs come out of


looks pretty sweet the costume it does

I just got a whole lot more excited about this movie.

Hot, now I need new pants.

Yay. I wonder who’s gonna be the villain in his movie…

They haven’t said yet, but it’ll probably be the Mandarin. I already hope for a sequel 'cause I wanna see War Machine.

It’s official…I’m hyped to see this.

alot of people have said he has a black man body shape

After managing to pull myself away from staring at your avatar – that costume is fucking S tier.

What happend with IronMan and Captain America falling out?

Oh,and I am liking the costume.The other one was ugly,but looking through Wikipedia,it looks pretty acurate to the original costume before he repainted it,and made a ton of modifications.


Looks great. He just needs to bust out some infinites during the movie.

lol wut friggen star hasnt said they are or were a fan. and you could tell they had no idea how to play the character.