Here's my custom MK arcade stick :D

Hi everyone!
I’m finishing this project and I wanted to show it to you.
I want to make a couple more in the future and feedback would be of great help.

This is my first time doing a wood project. But when I get something like this in my mind, I tend to get very obsessed about it and use as much time as possible to investigate tools, materials, etc.
In this case, I based the case design on the PDP MK stick, but due to a mistake that I made early on, I had to make the lid open sideways instead.
One of the hardest things to do was calculating the sizes of the pieces of wood. I made it so that it’s comfortable to me, instead of copying the actual sizes of other sticks. But to give you an idea, it’s top part is very similar in size to a Mad Catz TE. It’s just a little bit taller.

The parts are all made here in Argentina. The buttons and joystick are of a brand called “AGC”. They are very similar to the IL or Happ ones, and are very sturdy. I’ve grown accustomed to the joystick and it’s been hard to go back to the softer Sanwa ones.

The artwork is a mix of drawings found online (that I had to touch up to improve the quality) and other parts designed from scratch to suit my layout.
The plexi was designed in Illustrator and cut with laser. The wood is cut by hand and it was a great chance to learn how to correctly use some tools.

The front plexi can be removed to change the image.
On the back, the cable can be connected via a Switchcraft plug, and stored inside the case when not used.

The only thing left to do now is wiring, but I’m still looking for a PCB, I will probably order a Cthulhu in the future).

Thanks and I hope you like my new stick!

Full gallery on:

Looks pretty awesome. Should be posted in - Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting) so that others can see.

Nice job, you’ll probably want to build another soon.

Thanks Frank! I will post it there!

At first I almost though that was a modified PDP MK stick, then I decided your sticks are made much, much better.
The style is the same but the actual dimensions are different, your stick is not as deep.

Awesome work.

That thing is fantastic looking. Well done.

Damn. Very good work!

make a umk3 themed stick with semitsu parts!

Thanks for your awesome comments guys!!!

noober2, sadly it’s really hard to get seimitsu parts here. And once you do, they cost 3x or more what they should :frowning:

I take it you live in South America? How easy is it to get happ parts there, can you get them locally, i.e arcade or swap meet. That’s one thing I miss about mexican swap meets, they had the dopest showcase cabs.

Yes, I live in Argentina.
HAPP are hard to go by here. Not to mention Sanwa/Seimitsu… if you find one, they go for crazy high prices.
The ones on the stick are made here, the brand is called AGC. They are quite similar to the Happs/IL and work great.

The stick itself is heavy, MUCH more than a JLF. Feels like it can’t be broken.
Somehow it helped my game as I can be more precise with the sides and diagonals with this one.

The buttons (plastic part) are fine, but the microswitches are not good at all.
They are Zippy, which is a good brand, but they have a very present “click” and take some force to press (probably the 150g ones).
I’m looking forward to replace them with cherry ASAP.

Congrats that is a very beautiful stick

Thanks Ian!!!