Here is some more artwork from a fg I am currently developing

Here is some more artwork from a fg I am currently developing.

This is just the loading screen for one of the villians. I’ll have custom fonts so don’t worry about the scribble lettering.

good shit mate, suits own. need more suity fighters



I have a loading screen picture of one of the most dangerous mob bosses/terrorists in all of New Bonk City.

Ric Dogsstreet

What is this furry shit

what kind of sick demented thread did I just walk in to.

gangsta dogs for the win

nice artwork!

Furry fighter is questionable but I like the concept that they all have guns :smiley:

Cool drawings

I suddenly just lost interest in fighting games.

dont be mean

fool me once furry fighters, shame on you

fool me twice furry fighters, shame on me

remember that time you wanted to work with me and use my engine

this thread is why i said no

come back woof

No Russian mafia wolf in a tracksuit? I am disappoint.

I am going to code the game in openGL-sdl/C++. How much is the ggpo netcode license?
Is it a scaled license? Oh well.
I’ll purchase some original music and add a per pixel dynamic lighting system(pretty much a crappy version of raytracing in 2d).

The demo is only 8 characters(no clones are added yet) and is free. It has only one stage included.

There are 3 ways to win.
A) Getting 100% charisma.
B) 4 ring outs(without healing or other stuff…)(25% charisma from ring out)
C) Time out(easier with character made just for stalling. There is no infinite time setting)

The full version comes out later with a roster of 12(with a few clones)and 1 boss(Inkman)more stages,better balance,added features and added play modes(bug free for the most part)and added netplay.

I want to balance the game with playstyle uniqueness,pencilled-in(dis)advantages based on matchups, and trail and error over revisions. Not like 3S where its just defense strategy PERIOD at the elite levels and is boring for new players.

I like the picture of the bad ass gangster dog sleeping in bed

Says the man with the Card Captor Sakura avatar :nono:

I don’t see what’t the big deal about the art. If this shit is outrageously furry then so is The Fantastic Mr. Fox (great movie).