Here is my website and its story

Hello everyone, My name’s Chris, I’m 38yo, I love fighting games and that’s all you need to know about me :face_with_monocle: I’m here to share my website about, you guessed it, fighting games.

I do it for entertainment and I’m someone very quickly bored, so I need to do projects that take me a long time to accomplish. Also I’m neither a writer nor a journalist AND english isn’t my native language ok, so be comprehensive please :kissing_smiling_eyes:

It took me years to search, find, play and review each and every fighting games until now … and 8 months to do the website, it was very cool until the very moment it started to take me more time than my regular 36 hours of work! I did it because at first I wanted to make a book, a real one with pages, so in that optic I wrote handwritten letters directly to the presidents of the 13 biggest companies that produce fighting games (addresses are on Google) to ask if I could.

Konami which is probably the 13th I wrote to, just said no and asked me to be comprehensive about that.
Capcom and Nintendo were positive about the project and wanted updates and informations. The others never answered and WarnerBros and ArcSystemWorks send me back the letter without any warnings.

It was a real nightmare to have the rights to use intellectual properties that are not mine, even if I have the real games (I own the cd of the game, not the rights of what’s inside…) and I didn’t want to be sued over 10 generations, but I understand them, I asked to use pictures that I don’t own to make a book and make money so I guess it’s fair. I don’t have all of the games of course, I have a lot but not everything, so as soon as I can, I buy one or two here and there. The others I played them on roms and I deleted them after I reviewed them.

A lot of games in a lot of boxes under the stairs … I’m moving real soon. I hear them sometimes at night calling me …

So the odyssey for making a book was a real flop, a real one :thinking: at least I did my best but I failed, it was a good lesson. I will do it anyway but just for me when I will have more free time, probably in my next life.
I updated Capcom that said that I should be good to go if I’m accurate in what I say about them…
I did it old school, some of those sheets of paper must have something like ten years old…

After the papers I did the photoshop process to create pages and finally I bought a wordpress account to do it. Sadly there are so many pages and wordpress don’t allow SO many of them?! I had to cut some of them, I did some tabs about the anime/movie/comics/manga/artists/memes/wtf characters that are not on the site.

Finally, if someone actually read all of this, thank you, and please can I have some critics, advices or anything that can allow me to be better at it, it would mean a lot to me. And if you have any questions perhaps, I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Stay safe, have a good day. :fist_right: :fist_left: