Here is a dumb question because Im bored

What colors do you use for your characters? For me:
Chun: Black. Occasionally Green or MOV or Rikimaru Chun
Makoto: Default.
Ken: Green. Too many white kens where I play now lol.
Ryu: default
天: default
Ibuki: higa color
Twins: mester color

Green, white, and black are my favorite colors.

Also, Nuki and Boss are the best.

Blue. Blue for everyone. If the character doesn’t have a blue color, I won’t play it.

Just kidding, I use the Dick Tracy color for Q and Tru’ Nigga for Urien. Ryu’s blue colors are lacking, though.

Chun Default Color Pack: MP, HP
Chun 2nd Impact Color Pack: MK, RH
Chun DLC 2 Pack: LP+MK+HP

Gouki : white (hk)
Q : red (mk)
Ken : green (mk)
Ryu : white (hk)
Hugo : blue (hk)
Chun : purple (lk)
Sean : hk but i don’t remember what’s the color (blue? orange?)

Jab for errybody except Chun(MP green) and Q(colors you get after beating arcade mode, LP purple-ish)

Green, Peach or White Chun
Green Ken (Deshiken <3)
Pink Taco Makoto, or J/Sextaro Color
Pink Pussy Dudley (Fujiwara <3)
Blue Urien (oldschool Tokido <3), Red Urien, or Greg Louganis(start+HK, shoutouts to ryan)
Blue Bandana Ryu
Combofiend Elena (Red hair)
Thanatos Oro (purple clothes)
Gold Necro
Redhead Remy
Hugo Jones (LP+MK+HP) or Hayao Color
Buttermilk Cream Q (LP+MK+HP)

Gouki - Black (Jab) - Picked it before Kuroda started using it!
Makoto - Default (Jab) - Bcz Boss
Dudley - Pink
Q - Default (Jab) - Bcz Kuroda
Ryu - ST color (MK) - Bcz RUUUUUUUUU

I can never decide on a Ken color

roundhouse ryu.
namijin (actually I didn’t know he used it at first)

jab remy cause he has fly red pants and blue hair.

Alex: White with blue headband (Short)
Ken: Red (Jab) - Can’t go wrong with a classic.
Urien: Green (Fierce) - SKITTLES
Chun: White (Special)
Yun: Dark-blue pants (Forward) - pyrolee colors are best colors
Ryu: Clean white gi with blue headband (Special)
Dudley: Green (Jab) - Shoutouts to victoLy
Akuma: Dark blue (Fierce) - Used to use white, but no longer, and since pherai uses jab, can’t knock on that.
Sean: Pink (Fierce) - PINK SEAN IS GOD TIER

Gouki: Jab. I do it for Pherai NOT Kuroda
Yun: Black
Ryu: MK
Urien: Hot Tamale
Remy: I like blue jeans rh color. But Christmas Remy is growing on me.
Necro : Sugiyama color.
Q: Black
Oro: dont use.
Ibuki: dont use
Chun: Black.
Dudley: Pink or Black (ironfist)
Sean: Special color with purple gloves.
Makoto: Black
Elena: Special color aka Jaundice.
Alex: Hollywood Hogan.
Twelve: dont use
Hugo: Black
Yang: Black
Ken: Black

If any character has a black color I use it because I like black. Except black Ryu, I don’t really feel that one for some reason.

Ugh this so much, back before I started watching japanese 3S I hated makoto with everything in me.

That all changed though when I started to see Boss just straight beasting on people.

So thats why I use her default color too.

If you care about my opinion (cause im not a good 3s player from 2005) I like mp color and start + mk for Makoto (love dat perple), and Start+Mk for ryu, and start+hk or H.punch Dudley cause of Kokujin.

No need for self-consciousness here. I’m a 2003 3S player and I’m forever awful. Just have fun with this. :stuck_out_tongue:

This and also YSB color Hugo. 4 LIIIIFFFEEEE

mp Elena
lk Ibuki
mk Makoto
lk Chun
and either green or the three button combo color for Ken

Blue Necro
Blue/Purple Ken

Totally used to use nWo Alex until I saw EVERYONE using that color. Hence the switch to short Alex, since default jab was boring, strong belonged to ReNiC, fierce was Sanchez, or something, orange was Luka, and no one wanted to play that lavender Alex (gay as fuck).

Oh, the times when people got pissed off about their colors getting picked by other players.

Blue Ken
Default Gouki
ST default Ryu
Purple/White, black, red/Black Yun
Light blue Yang
Pink Dudley
Pink Makoto

Tan Alex
Mario Dudley
Any color Remy/Elena.

Everybody MK for Mortal Kombat.