Her most damaging air combo?

I think psylocke is more of a character who relies on a high amount of hits for damage. So let’s start from the position of her launching (Since jumps in and all that other shit, is unrealistic in matches most of the time).

I’m guessing standard 1,2,3,4 up+hk, air jump, up+hk, air jump, up+hk psyblade, super.

Or is there a more damaging one?

it’s this one that is like 1234 up+hk>psyshot (or whatever it’s called) air jump 1234 up+hk>psyshot, 1234 up+hk psyblade kouko gakure

does that even work havent tried it myself but that doesnt sound right since i think psyshot would push them away too far.

launch /\ u+hk air jump u+hk air jump u+hk -> psyblade -> qcb+kk super.

beatsofdevil: I think I’ve seen that in an MSP combo video, but it’s only possible in the corner I believe.

well I don’t remember exactly, but yes corner only.

I tried remembering it at home

I did:launch>sj.lp, lk, mp (delays between them)>sj.up+hk (only ONE hit)>hpversionpsyshot>dj. three hits again (faster)>up+hk (ONE)>hpversionpsyshot>tj.magic series>psyshot>psydrill (aim diagonal down>thendiagonal up>maybe transfer to hail after ;).

GOOD damage, well for psy at least. might do more if you do psy drill at the double jump.

I don’t know if that’s the exact combo, that’s just what I did.

psylocke is so fun in the corner :slight_smile:

yup, she’s definitely fun in the corner. i love this combo…

dash, 1234 (magic series on the ground) (hope it hits), C.HK, psyshot (i think its called that? which OTGs them), c.LP, launch, 1234, U-HK, DJ, UP-HK, DJ, UP-HK, psyblast ? (forgot what its called… the twirling one) XX butterfly special

who actually has the name of these moves memorized? lol. i think we call it by its display and what it looks like. Example : butterfly special hahah

High dmg combo in the corner (sent-Y is required)

lp, lk+drones assist, lp, lk, qcf+lp, dash, lp, lk, lp, launch, lp, lk, lp, u+hp xx qcf+hp, lp, lk, dj, lp, lk, lp, u+hp xx qcf+hk (x2) xx butterfly super.

I’ve only done this once and the timing is STRICT, especially after the psyshots.

Or you can always do her infinite on Sent.

technically the way the marvel engine is designed, you want as many hard/special moves during the first 10 hits. then of course go for the high hits. if you’re willing to try an otg this does good damage (corner)

j.hp / c.hk xx QCF+lp, c.hp /\ sj.lp xx QCF+HP, lp xx QCF+HP, lp xx QCF+HP, lp xx QCF+hp, lp, mp / c.hp then this is when you’d try and get as many after the launch

It’s funny. For years I’ve been doing her launch, 1234, u.hk, psyblade xx butterfly like everyone else and I mean EVERYONE. However, I took my time today to go into training mode and discovered something rather unique. I learned that although this is her most consistent MID SCREEN air combo, its not actually her most damaging.

It seems as though a SIGNIFICANT amount of us really relyed on this setup way too much when in reality, there’s a shorter and probably easier variation of this combo.

launch, 1234 psyblade xx butterfly super has slipped under the rug for years and I can vouch that the majority of MSP players never acknowledged this variant. This version (which is virtually the same combo minus the u.hk) racks up at least 10 points more damage than the aformentioned and RIVALS Storm’s Lightning Storm combo. It positions your opponent’s character to be somewhat within the butterflies for maximum hits rather than just within the reach of them which is caused by executing the u.hk. However, although it’s more damaging, there is a bit more risk involved. If you rush this combo too quickly you put yourself in jeopardy of the psyblade xx butterfly to not connect and thus dropping your opponent where he can roll and wait for you to drop and just crush you for free (hypothetically speaking if you don’t have assist which can be summoned as you fall to the ground).

Hope that helps. Feel free to criticize

if i recall, it doesn’t matter (to a certain degree) if you do the U+HK. I believe the key is to semi-mash the psyblade so that it does like 2 hits or somethin. when you do the super, the enemy needs to be directly next to you. so with the U+HK i think you need to do a slight delay on the super. You want the opponents sprite to be as close to overlapping you as possible so that they eat up as many butterflies as possible. i’m not sure, as i haven’t tested in awhile, but i think roughly they do the close to the same damage. 10 pts difference isn’t that much anyway, but i don’t even think its that much of a difference between the two combos.

if you really want to get sexy, you need to do her empty jump combos + assist or her infinite

c.hp, call mags, empty super jump, nuetral, double jump, hp, mags hits, launch > whatever you want.

its tricky, but very fun if you pull off.

her combos are okay though. i think with her you need to focus more on zoning and counters with HP (air or ground) and fireballs. the bitch is good. i don’t even do fancy combos and i can’t count how many times i’ve come back with psy or where she’s done the most damage while i was playing GOOD competition.

yea when I do it… I do the 1234, psyblade, tap kick a single extra time then do butterflies… I don’t think the u+hk makes a lot of difference cept it makes it a lil easier to connect… but you can tap kick that extra time either way to get the better butterflies dmg.

think you can actually mash it (3?) times… but most people don’t for the air butterflies i think. if i recall correctly… mashing the lk psyblade max hits will actually let you connect her PP super in air… edit (it definitely does)

she’s third on my sabertooth team… it abuse’s an easymode 100% airthrow loop into IM… she makes gb’ing people out of their tech’s a lot easier.

But when she has to come in… i’ve found her teleport with sabertooth proj assist actually good. psy block string or combo, call sabes… teleport low behind… combo to launch or repeat whole thing again. Lockdowns into x-up… ect…

this is exactly what I’ve been doing for a long time.

the main point is that launch, 1,2 {3,4}, psybladexx super, if timed right, has them lower than with the upFK. this allows a concentration of butterflies to hit below and then bring up.

yeah, I always wonder why most MSP players did the other version…

there really isn’t much risk as I do it everytime and it always does at least some amount more damage.

of course there are other more advanced psy combos…but speaking from just a simple aircombo standpoint…1, 2, {3,4} bladexxsuper is superior.

Some more conclusive info after testing and a few surprises…

for one… 1234 should be right out no matter what you do…

starting from launch…

1234, blade xx butterflies 55-69 dmg (64 average)…

blade xx butterflies 65 - 75 dmg (70 average)…

1234, lk. blade xx psi thrust 55 - 70 dmg (65 average)…

lk. blade xx psi thrust 68 - 77 dmg (72 average)…

The sj.normals scale like crap and lower your dmg the more you stick in… rather than raise it. Instead replace them with extra hits from your psi blade by mashing it to max and then canceling to super. In a situation where you don’t plan on DHCing… lk.blade mashed max hits xx psi thrust out dmgs butterflies… and will carry them to the corner in the process. No matter where you land it from. It is however harder to land.

Either way tho it looks like skipping out on as many normals as possible in favor of doing launch, blade xx super is the way to go… whichever super you use. Tho in the corner you can do launch, up+hk x 3, blade xx super… as the hk’s scale better.

Bear in mind while you do this that only lk.blade will let you xx to thrust… and you need to mash max hits on it. Easy but gotta learn the timing.


I just did 51 dmg by doing launch, sj.blade mashed to max… no normals or supers even added. If that tells you the effect of using mashed blade over normals.

Yea even sticking in all the hits I could: lp, cr.lk, mp, cr.mk, cr.fp(launcher), sj.lp, sj.lp, sj.lp, double jump, sj.lp, sj.lp, sj.lp, triplejump, sj.lp, sj.lk, sj.mp, sj.mk, u+hk (2 hits) xx max mashed hk. blade xx butterflies… it wasn’t as much dmg as some of the above stuff.

Yeah, mashing is the best way to add more with pysblade xx butterfly or thrust. I get like 67 on most, and I just press hk+3 instead of trying to mash all buttons. There are a variety of ways to get about 70 in damage.

cr.lp,cr.lk,cr.mk,cr.hp,lk,up+hk,hk psyblade mash xx butterfly hide. 65-70 depending on opponent and how much you mash.
s.lp,cr.lk,cr.mp,cr.hp,lp,up+hk,hk psyblade mash xx butterfly hide. 72 on Magneto in the corner.

Note: The hk psyblade mash is the best one to use because it goes up then across while the lk psyblade goes across then up. With the lk psyblade mash, the opponent will only get hit by the side of the hide. With the hk psyblade mash, the opponent gets hit by the meat of the hide (which is in the center of course). Because Psylocke is moving across after knocking them upwards, she positions herself right under them ensuring more damage. So, remember to mash the hk psyblade instead of the lk for more damage. Another key is to only do like one jab going up and do up+hk, hk psyblade xx butterfly hide. The more hits in the combo, means scaling of course so do less to gain more…

I like lk, lk, hk mash better because it brings them higher. then when you do the Kochou Gakoure <–Butterflies they take a little longer to fall to the ground, which makes things like “air combo to butterflies, call Doom, they land on rocks, land, relaunch into another air combo” possible.

if i recall correctly, from the early Vidness videos, her most damaging air combo without a jump in would have to be:

launch, sj fierce, up roundhouse, psy shot (horizontal), psy trust.

can be done out of the corner.

That’s her second most damaging air combo… the most damaging is launch, sj.psi-blade mashed to max hits xx butterflies… if you stick normals in before the psi-blade or fail to mash well enough… you lose out on a lot of dmg. Yes this is tricky to get down but easy once you got it…

In the corner she can do better with like normals xx psi shot, double jump, normals xx psi shot, triple jump, normals ending in u+hk xx psi blade xx butterflies… but its corner only and requires 3 times the execution.

does all this mash stuff just mean: psyblade hk, lk, lk (ala MSH)?

or is it like headcrush mash, inputs needed within a certain time limit.