Helping the Chun-Li forum keep things (like her legs) smooth :p

I just got this in my PM box:

I thought you were a Rose player D:

I’ve stuck this for you.

What other duties would the gods and goddess of the goddess Chun-Li have me perform? Anything need moderating? Got any naughty pics you wanna PM me? :razzy:

I can help with some stuff if you need it. Just ask in here, show examples and provide links if necessary.

Eventually some of those other stickies can be un-stickied, namely, Azrael’s two threads (as they are pretty much wholly intact still in the thread I posted), as well as Dime_x’s Chun-Li Compendium.

I don’t know if the existing matchup thread should stay stickied or not though.

i quit rose a long time ago. anyway like snake said those three threads can go. a new match-up thread would be go for when ae comes out.

I have unstuck the following threads:

Are you linking them to your guide?

If a new match up thread is made and you want something changed let a mod know.

Don’t know if you guys (like Mr Flowers) still check this but this thread should be stickied please :slight_smile:

Smooth legs? Seems all bumpy and muscled to me. :lol:

Smooth skin though.

Mmmmm… :rolleyes:
But, like Snake said, her skin is smooth.