Pretty new to street fighter. I used to play the snes version way back when but i never kept it up due to the fact im from a small country town and the only opponents i had back then were AI and some friends who didn’t really care lol.

Just wondering if someone can give me some general tips to practice… I currently use chun li the most. Some cammy and some guile when i wanna mix it up. My biggest problem at the moment it being to defensive and getting stuck in the corner against good players. I’m not terrible… but I’m far from great

Any help appreciated.

Watch the David Sirlin tutorial videos, learn how to do every move Chun has and practice them until you can do them consistently, learn some basic combos and practice them until they’re second nature, then learn the matchups. That’s a good start. Hang out around here a lot and study, study, study, but, more importantly, also play, play, play.

Legend! I didn’t even know these existed :lovin:

Can they all be found via youtube, or is there a better site?


That’s the first part of the Beginner’s Tutorial Sirlin did for Super Turbo. There’s a second part to the beginner’s video, then an intermediate and an advanced video. Just search for super turbo tutorial on youtube for the others.