Help with TV lag issue

Hi, since i dont have an older monitor to check my input lag in my Thomson 22HR5234, i have to pursache Rock Band 2+ or Guitar Hero 2+ to do the test and if i have more than 34ms maybe pursache another TV or the HD fury device.
By the way i dont notice lag but who knows :S
My question is?
Do i have to buy a guitar with rockband-guitar hero to check the input lag?
Is there any other way (i have spent 3 f****** hours in internet searching for it with no results) to check it?

You don’t use Rockband to test lag. C’mon man…

I don’t know much about lags on tv but you are wrong, I’ve read so many topics about using one of the rockband/guitarhero games to test input lag. The game comes with this option that shows you how delayed a press is or something like that.

Oh jeez…

No man, you use a 60FPS camera VS a CRT. Never ever rely on Rockband/GH for a good input lag test.

That rockband/guitar hero method is inaccurate.

And I’m not sure where these topics are that you speak of, but most of that topic covered here, quickly end up with someone telling you to do it the right way. If there are other forums telling you that this is the best way to do it, you need to run away from their techie section as fast as you can.

Are you sure about that?

that thread links directly to this one:

Which states that Rock Band 2 is the best way to test for input lag. Please link me to the thread proving that the Rock Band 2 test is inaccurate. If it’s wrong then I need to know. 60fps camera is a hell of a lot of work when you have 20+ TVs to test.

When you search for TV input lag in google it comes up pretty high.

I am assuming that you are referencing the first post of that thread. Notice it says that “AT THE TIME OF THIS WRITING” that these lag tests are accurate. That was written in 2009. Since then, a superior method of devising input delay has been discovered, which is the aforementioned use of a 60 fps camera.

The old Rockband/GH method will give you general results, but it’s definitely not pinpoint accurate for all intents and purposes.

Can you link me to the thread describing the 60 fps camera process? I just worry about it not being very practical when you have to go to the house of 20 different people, set it all up and test their TV. If all I need to do is bring a laptop and a 60 fps camera to their house and point it at the TV then that might work but if it’s more involved than that it could be a problem.