Help with toe tap timings?

Hey guys. I am a long time player who has just recently tried to redo all of the new trials in ultra. I had absolutely no issues with any of Seth’s trials in super, but I’ve been trying for days and probably spent about 8+ hours (no joke) trying to complete trial 23. This is the trial where you go from step kick into toe taps into divekick.

I have no problem hitting the first toe tap, but it seems like no matter how I space my timings out, I can’t get the divekick to hit after the taps. It is becoming really frustrating, and I was just wondering if something has changed, or if I’m just a horrible player and can’t seem to figure out how to execute something that should be relatively simple.

If you have any advice on what the hell I can try to make all 4 juggles land, I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

nevermind, I’m fucking retarded. 2 months later I go to try again and realize that I’m holding downforward not down. Just in case anyone else was wondering why they were having difficulty, that would likely be your answer.