Help with this combo, cant get it consistently

I cant get this combo consistently, which is IAT HP, b+MK, LP Yoga Flame. However i can get IAT, db+MK, LP Yoga Flame everytime. ( I use the sweep MK instead of standing MK)

The d+MK cant connect to the LP Yoga Flame, and everytome i keep getting is the 2 hits from IAT HP and b+MK, the LP Yoga Flame doesn’t connect.

What am i doing wrong here? :frowning:

Is the flame not coming out? or is the flame coming out but just not connecting?

If thats the case then maybe your doing the flame too slow. This usually never happens with me. But sometimes when im goin for that combo i get a b.LP which is his overhead chop lol. I usually just laugh when it connects.

i just connect 2 hits which are the IAT HP, b.HK…its supposed to be 3 hits, IAT, b.HK, LP Yoga Fire… i cant get the 3rd hit consistently :frowning:

Sound like youre just not hitting it fast enough. For now just try to do the jumping HP b+MK yoga flame. You might be doing that finger spaghetti stuff which is never good.

Ive been tightening up my execution lately and have swung back over to Dhalsim to play for a bit, if you arent precise he wont be very fulfilling to play with.

after the b+mk do the flame motion and hit mp quickly followed with lp.

I have problems also landing it consistently if at all. Although in training mode I’m not that bad… guess my execution goes down the drain in real matches… but anyways, try using down-forward, back, for the flame. It’s a shortcut. It helped me execute it faster and link with the easier.

Try this way : IAT HP, b+MK(input this command slow than before. Because of J.HP has 18 hit stun frame, b.Mk has startup 5 frame.) , LP Yoga Flame.
If you have super gauge, you can use it after LP Yoga Flame too. quite difficult.

There’s a difference between and, as well as yoga fire and yoga flame. isn’t special cancellable, and lp yoga fire only combos in specific situations (if it even does, not sure).

That being said try the shortcut of hitting then go to downforward and then just straight to back. That’s how I do the combo from the player 1 side. Will look like this:

:l::mk: :df::d::l::lp: