Help with something that AFAIK shouldn't be tripping IPS

As far as my understanding goes, don’t start a chain with a button you’ve already used. Air and ground chains are independent of each other, and your first chain doesn’t count. If I’m wrong at this point, please correct me.

Squigly combo (punch stance charge required):
cr.LK, cr.MK, st.HK, j.MK(1-hit), j.HK(1-hit), qcf+HK, j.LK, j.MK(full hits), j.HK(full hits), qcf+MK, st.MK, st.HP2, qcf+PP, st.MP, st.HP2, qcf+PP, st.LP, st.MP, st.HP*2, qcf+MK, HK, j.LP, j.MK(full hits), j.HK(full hits), qcf+MK, st.LK(IPS trips)

What’s going on here? When the dummy pops out, the hit sparks are green instead of the usual pink. Is there something I’m missing about IPS?

EDIT: looks like I’m triggering undizzy. Had to rework the combo.

Ya, its green because the combo is too long. Not because you are repeating. You have a 350 point scale after IPS stage 5 and you are going past that. Happens to my characater combos too. Try to stop it around 300 points and go for throw or reset