Help with some Gouken execution issues, mainly off cr.HP

For some reason with Gouken i’m not great at both cancelling into EX Palm or always reliably FADCing from his cr.FPxxLP Fireball (for the latter presumably just speed i do it).

I don’t really have problems with similar cancels with other characters but i don’t get it right with the crouching fierce. I quite often, with meter at least, get a Super instead.

Is there room for a pause during the cr.FP so i can cleanly do the SRK motion? In this instance should i rely more on shortcuts for the input? One of my habits is using DB+FP as my input for the crouching attack and i think in this instance that is hindering me a bit.

Use the shortcut and you won’t get the super. Other then that you can’t do anything but go into training and watch what inputs you are actually putting in and then force yourself to correct it.

the easiest cr.hp to ex.palm is:
downforward, hit and hold hp, down, downforward, hit lp and mp, release hp.

That’s what I do as well

Thank you for the replies, negative edge did help me out there. Definitely something i should use more often i think.

Negative edge would actually be if you pushed MP and HP for the cr.HP, did the motion, then released both for the EX. Either way, glad you worked it out.

Just hold hp down.

Well I have a different execution question and I didn’t want to clutter another thread with it so I’ll ask here. I know this has been answered somewhere before on these forums but I couldn’t find it:

When doing a back throw to one hit jf mp set up, is there any way to know when to jump or when to press mp to get this reliably. I have on and off days doing the resets with backthrow> (one hit) > fp > flip (grab, dive, sweep, parry). I think I read something about someone’s head being off the screen being the time to press it. Any help would be appreciated.

I’d imagine you could time it by the shadow of them falling though I’ve only ever used instinct.

Ah yeah, was just wondering, I suppose I’ll just miss it less as the time goes on.

just hold up-forward once he’s doing the throw animation, then all you need to do is a LATE It’s probably a 2 framer maybe 3. if you delay the jump after the throw then you’re basically adding another link to the combo and making it more difficult by making it a 3 stage process and giving yourself another step to screw up.

No seriously in some cases you can use the shadow of the airborne opponent, as well as many other visual cues for successful execution of some shit. Im not sure if this is one of them however. When I was trying to get the command dive kick down I would wait till I saw the little wooden ball in his ponytail , this would tell me its time to hold down and press mk.
For the single hit mp, time it so same height or a bit higher than them when you hit mp. I cant remember what locked it in for me back when , maybe just the countless hours of trying to get it right.