Help with some basic combo stuff

Hey guys, trying to pick up Adon, and I came across a couple question I couldnt find sifting through the forums.

When should I be comboing into which version of RJ? Im assuming its a spacing issue since they have different trajectories but if I could get some specifics that would be great

Also, what can you get off of an air JK, is it just crMP > RJ?

Well you said it yourself, comboing into RJ is depended on spacing. Most often when you do BnB combos the lk RJ will be the one you use. If the opponent is crouching ex RJ should be used.

IAJKs are weird, since there is not really any frame data on it, but cr. mp > lk RJ will always hit if the opponent is standing and the spacing is correct. IAJK > Sweep or cr. hp is pretty easy if the opponent is crouching. If the opponent is standing the link is very hard due to very strict timing and spacing. You can also do IAJK > cl. mk/cl. mp > cr. lp > RJ, the link into cl. mk/mp is easy but hight and spacing is very strict.

you cant connect a regular RJ on a crouching opponent? damn

As a combo ender during Jump mk/hk > cr. lk > cr. lp > cr. lp > lk RJ. The first hit of the RJ won’t connect, if the opponent is crouching.

So in that case you could either use ex like you said, or probably just cut down that bnb to just crlk > crlp > lk RJ after jump in. Also every time I see an FADC combo online, they always combo into mk RJ, any particular reason for that? In training mode it seems you can get a juggle by FADCing all of them. And last bit about that, should you always FADC into hk RJ or EX RJ for the damage?

Im also having a hard time connecting anything after a lk RJ in the corner, youre supposed to get something after that right?

It all depends on the situation, and most importantly which character the opponent is playing.

in my experience, you only get juggle w/ lk RJ in corner if only 1 hit connects… then you get another RJ

mk RJ and ex RJ hits too

Sorry in what context? You mean on crouching opponents, or your talking about in the corner after lk RJ, one hit

In the corner.

Okay, so you can potentially connect any version of RJ after any FADC of any version of RJ, just depends on the spacing right?

So iv also been watching as much gamerbee as possible. Seems like he often wiffs ex RJ on crouching opponents since the trajectory is similar to hk RJ, so usually he goes for just the one hit of lk RJ.

How would you go about landing the RJ Ultra in the corner, you still FADC, or can you get it without spending the meter?

Thanks again

HK RJ will not hit.

This is incorrect. It is very rare that the ex RJ would whiff.

You need to FADC to hit Ultra 2. Although there are other ways to do so in the corner. If only the first hit of a ex JK/air JK hits a jumping opponent, you can connect Ultra 2 after it. Same with ex JT.

Ok thanks a lot,really helping me out. I find the hardest part about learning a new character is knowing what links into what, etc.

I was checking this video out and at 2:06 there’s a couple combos done on Juri that I can’t do, can’t seem to connect the air lk JK after neutral jump MK in time, any advice?
Adon Combo Guide:

Hmmm, might only be because you’re not doing the air Jk fast enough. Just think you need practice doing it.

Been grinding in the lab, idk what Im doing, Im just trying to do it as fast as humanly possible and havnt done it once. Just to be sure. point black, neutral jump MK > light JK. Do I need the jumping heavy kick first? I dont see how that would change anything. Is there a delay somewhere? idk

oooohhh is this Juri specific???

Character Specific:
This setup only works on a few characters-
Full combo (> j.l.JK -> ->m.RJ->FADC->Ult 2):

EX Combo (>EX.JK):
All the above characters
C. Viper
M. Bison
Gen (1 hit, no knock down)
El Fuerte (1 hit, no knock down)

copy and pasted from some contributor here that I selfishly pasted in my notes and didn’t take note of whom. I’ll edit later with their name hopefully

sorry sidenote… Ryu Gosling… I saw you almost beat K brad’s Geif on Excellent Adventures :slight_smile: