Help with set play with Vega

i keep hearing his is really strong, and that he can get good resets especially in the corner, by using stuff like his FBA with claw off… I can’t seem to find much info on it however, can anyone help me out here?

EDIT: compiling a list of cool vega set-ups / oki / tricks

Barehanded st.MP > st.HK xx lk.CT ends in a cross-up set up

after EX.FBA(in either stance) lk.CT is cross-up set-up

mk.CT will heaty meaty if you don’t want to go for the cross-under for both these set ups

after Crush Counter Slide, mk.CT or dash > lk.CT will cross up

After lk.CT on hit you are neutral, but jumping in with j.LK crosses-up and combos easily into any light normal or Barehanded cr.MP

well, forums are pretty quiet, but I’m going to start editing in set-ups as I go, so that I have a point of reference for myself. Anyone with anything to chime in, please do :slight_smile:

The thing with this one is its only worthwhile if they quickstand, and 90% of people dont even realize to quickstand it as they think something will keep happening(and once they know, they won’t quickstand it anyway). It isn’t terribly useful sadly.

For mixups heres the bigguns

  1. whatever-> exwalldive - punch followup, lk roll on landing:
    This is the big one as there’s many situations you can force whether they roll, backroll, or safejumps if they refuse to get up. It only costs a you a tiny fraction of the damage giving up the Izuna drop does and you should go for it everytime unless it is the kill.

  2. whatever-> ex walldive in corner. Theres many ways to set this up such as the classic ex roll-> slide ->crhp(which hits both techup timings) exwalldive. If it hits combo, if not as long as your buttons are quick enough you can force a left/right mixup that’s unseeable on reaction(although when people can expect it they can dash out or whatever which then is another layer of the game of you trying to catch their escape). Ex walldive no claw forces standing so you get the full combo after it. Now you don’t even need to do this off a setup if they are corners you can simply go st/ and go for it, and if it hits you get combo and if not you get the mixup.

Now as for the CC slide mixup, while yes its effective honestly the better option is to immediately do LK back walldive into the throw as its effectively an unblockable. If you do it perfectly It can’t be ducked/dashed/backdashed/buttoned through and any invincible wakeup(mins chun) will go over you and you re-slide and do it again. As it stands it makes CC slide effectively = damage + 150. It’s hard to get the timing perfect but imo that is the way to go.

Also keeping in mind a blocked ex wall dive punch is effectively a mixup in itself as its +4/+5 depending on where it hits. You can go right into lp command grab/a low/whatever.

I saw Arlieth messing around with this setup on his stream a while back, and it has been my saving grace against characters with invincible reversals.

Ex roll -> slide -> EX FBA (corner) - The timing is pretty tight but with some repetition it’s very doable. This goes behind dp’s and allows a dive punish on the whiffed dp.

It will trade with 3f wake ups and launch them into the air which then allows you to do a heavy ASE -> light ASE juggle. If clawless you have enough time to switch into claw and do a heavy ASE -> light ASE combo, just requires you to do it much quicker. You can do other stuff after launching them with the trade aswell.

EX roll -> Cr.Mk -> EX FBA (corner) - Easier version that does not trade with 3f wake ups but instead hits them and allows you to do a izuna drop. This also beats dp’s and the timing is not as strict as the above.

I find myself rarely using meter outside of combos but this is 1 instance I’ll gladly use meter on. There might be ways to beat this with like a cross cut dp or something but I have no idea how to get the dummy to do that so I haven’t tried it out. Worst thing that can happen is that they delay their wake up and I’ll take that any day of the week.