Help with playing MvC3 online (360)

Hi All,

I apologize if I am posting this question in the wrong forum/thread. I couldn’t find one specifically for troubleshooting.

Basically my problem is this–I am unable to play MvC3 online because when the game loads on my 360, my XBL profile is grayed out. I am able to select my profile without issue in every other game I have (including fighters such as SF4, SSF4, BBCS, MK, etc) but not MvC3.

This has not always been the case, as I was initially able to play online when I first started playing the game (during which time I got about ~15 ranked battles in) but never since then.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing this issue or how I could correct it?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just call my-cro-soft they will fix any profile or online issues you might have.

this is almost certainly to do with profiles and different controllers being logged into different profiles – i have this problem sometimes with my fight stick – if my normal controller is logged into the xbl profile then sometimes that option is greyed out if that controller is turned off and i’m using my fight stick…

…i have to turn the controller on…log out of the profile, etc, etc… try that…

Your logged onto your profile with a different pad or stick. Unplug or turn off that pad and log onto the profile with the stick you plan on playing with.

That was indeed the problem. I had two fight sticks plugged in (MK and TE). Strange that only MvC3 seems to behave this way though–other games have no issue recognizing the profile.