Help with Parry Trial #6 on 3SO

I’m trying to get the timing down of the first 2 sets of parries. I’ve gotten them a handful of times, but can’t get it reliably. Should I have ALREADY pressed and released towards Dudley BEFORE his super is activated (and he pauses for a sec), or should this happen immediately AS he freezes, or immediately after he starts moving again after the freeze? Thanks for any help, I searched for a video with hands, but couldn’t find anything yet.

Before the freeze is the easiest

Tap forward right before the screen freezes, pretty much right when he’s ducking down for the second time. And the pattern is 2, 2, 2 for the parries I think.

It’s a 1 frame start up super so you have to parry before the flash. Like said try to time your parry just when he ducks down for the last time.

Ok, I went into parry training, and it’s WAY easier to learn in there because you can quickly hit the back button to reset your position. What I have discovered is that you press towards as they are activating the super, then you actually press towards 2 more times to execute your first 2 parries. Am I correct in thinking that you have to let the computer know that you intend to try to parry by doing it that way, or am I adding an extra move that I don’t need? If you do it before it gets activated, do you press towards then wait a while to do the 2nd one? I got it one time all the way through using my method - (Towards, then wait till pause is over, Towards, Towards, pause, Towards, Towards, longer pause, Towards, Towards)… Hope that makes sense… can’t figure out how to put the arrows in my post.

The only parry that you need to do preemptively is the first one before the flash, after that the rest of the parries follow through accordingly

So you literally do 6 presses towards and no more?


Alright, back to the drawing board.

The first Parry, input right before the flash, comes out automatically (if you timed it right). Then, you parry the rest normally.

:f:…:f:…:f:.:f:…:f:.:f: Kinda like that. The dots represent pauses in your timing.

I got it, but it was pretty much by luck because I was only able to get it once in the actual trial. I was able to get it a bunch of times in parry training, which I don’t see what the difference is, other than being able to reset immediately if you mess up, so you just get to try it a lot more times.

Just to let you know, the easiest way to parry (for me) is to watch them do the input motion, and imagine you’re the player doing the super. What you want to do is input the motion in your head and pretend you are going to hit kick or punch to activate the super. At that moment when your mind hits the attack button, you press forward. Wait for the flash to go away.

Then what I do is “parry” the first hit (which is already being parried by the first forward) and use that to help me with the rhythm for the rest. But you don’t have to parry the first hit if you already pressed forward before the flash. That should help you out with Trial 10. So if you want to do trial 6 with no extra input, it would be

Forward, [lightning], [auto parry], forward, [pause], forward, forward, [pause], parry the rest.

Another piece of advice, if you’re going to parry, especially in game, if think you missed the timing for the first hit, you can still always block. Only parry supers if you’re confident.

Any help with the eve moment trial?

i can parry 2-4 hits then loose it lol

I suggest practice mode as you can reset WAY faster.