Help with oblivion

hey i dont know if there is one yet… but yeah i suck and my mana wont recharge and i dont know why… would love some help.

did you take Atronach birthsign? if you did, you can’t regen mana over time. Only way you can regen mana is through pots and having mobs cast spells on you.

If you didn’t take the Atronach birthsign, idk. Are you cursed or diseased?

Hey we should make this an Official Help thread or something.

Cure for Vampirism if anybody needs it :slight_smile: It actually takes a while to complete the quest, didnt enjoy it much at all. :confused:

C+P from Gamefaqs. Poster - BlackMist27

Curing Vampirism: To find out about the cure talk to a priest or someone in the mages guild. They will lead you to Castle Skingrad. There, talk to the Argonian assistant to the Count, she will bring him out and he will tell you about how to find the cure.
At this point you need to venture our to Drakenlowe, and speak to the lady there (urgh Ma–something I cant remember now). The first part of the quest here is finding 5 Grand Soulgems.

There are a number of places where the gems appear, but going to all of them is not entirely necessary.
You can a) Take, Steal, And Buy them from the Mage Guildhalls (it is easier if you belong).
or travel directly South of Drakenlowe there is a cave Crab -something- I found all five in there (four in chests - did not need any lockpicks- and one behind a secret wall). There are Wil of the Wisps here, they can be pretty tough to defeat.

—The Next Step:
Here is the hard part of the quest. The witch gives you a list of items to procure, without knowing where to look this will talk FOREVER!

Blood of an Argonian: Easy enough if your an evil character, find one, poke one with the dagger, say your sorry or finish the job. For those who don’t want to prey on an innocent, there is an Aielyd ruin West of Drakenlowe that had a group of orcish and argonian mauraders when I went there, but I am not entirely familiar with the system of that populates dungeons in the game, so there are no guarantees they will be there for you.

Garlic: I found this to be the hardest, seeing as many merchants would not talk to my ugly face. Being part of the mages guild is a good idea, you can sometimes find cloves on shelves in the various guilds and the alchemists will also carry them. The best bet is to hop around towns and search the alchemy spots for someone selling untill you have found all six.

Bloodgrass: You’ve probably already been to Oblivion, and taken some of this stuff. But if not, it is a red, spiny plant that says BLOODGRASS
Nightshade: This I thought, was easier than garlic. Again, the Mage’s Guild is a valuable aid for the distraught vampire. They are lying around everywhere, one guild had four on one table. If your at odds with the guild though, you CAN find them in the wild. For reference, there is a nightshade plant outside Cheydinhall behind the Knights of the Thorn headquaters.

Ashes of a Vampire: Just follow the quest. Its kind of a joke. Hinderall isnt anywhere near as threatening as the rest of the vampires protecting him. Once you have the ashes head back to Drakenlowe.

Afterwords: You wait 24 hours and you can get the potion. Use it. And poof back to your old, pretty self (or maybe not pretty, idk). You can go back to Castle Skingrad with the other potion and give it to the Count. Prepare for a nice scene.

You can also find Garlic and BloodGrass at a shop in Imperial City’s Market District.

When the witch gives you the potion, it shows you as only having 1 of them. Pay no attention to it, you can drink it straight away and will still have 1 available to give to the Count of Skingrad :slight_smile: