Help with Noel v.s. Tager\Haku-man matchup

I seem to be having an issue fighting Tager and Haku-man with Noel. For some reason i can’t approach these guys worth crap and they wreck my life bar without even trying. I have tried both aerial and grouind approaches and approaching with drive. To a little sucess, Noel’s Nuetral A and Aerial A seem to have the most effect on them. But if anybody has any suggestions, please let me know.

I don’t play Noel, but against Hakumen I got a similar problem with Carl- Hakumen pretty much outranges everything Carl wants to do against him from in front and there’s nothing Carl can really do from anything higher then an IAD besides pick at him, so that sword might as well be a big white wall between Carl and victory if Hakumen isn’t stupid and walks into the Carl/Nirvana death zone. What I usually do is try to bait a stand C then use an IAD j.A j.B to get in on them while in recovery. I dunno what approach is best for Noel out of an Instant Air Dash, but whatever it is, I’d go with that.

(I’m assuming Noel probably has other tools to work with too, but as I said, I don’t use Noel so I’m just kinda throwing down the universal solution to being zoned out by big-reach normals)

check out the Noel thread on these boards or the noel match up subforum on

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Optic barrel seems to help a lot with Tager. Since he can’t dash effectively and his hit box is so wide he can get pretty much stuck inbetween the long range and mid range. You simply have to watch out for his charging move (I forget the name) where he becomes a yellow bullet. Over all he’s a tough fight. I feel your pain.

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