Help with my hori Cable

My hori cable was destroyed by my cat, I clipped it so I could easily remove it, so the cable is garbage now, probably shouldn’t have done that.

I have some questions, I have two open pcbs with cables, a ps2 and a ps1, my stick is a hori tekken 5, so would it be possible to replace my old cable by soldering in a ps2 or a ps1 cable? And if so what is the pin out.

I don’t know what to do, I tried searching for something similar, I seen a similar thread months ago but I couldn’t find it.

Why don’t you just clip off the bad portion of the cable, strip the wires, solder/twist together matching wires, then wrap everything with shrink wrap/electrical tape?

I was worried about the grounding wire inside of the cable, what happens if I cut that, it doesn’t seem directly wired to the board.

Ok I stripped down the cable about 2 inches on both sides.

Im still worried about the grounding wires, it was laced throughout the inside of the cable, what am I supposed to do with it, twist it with the other end?? or just leave it cut, cause it’s definitely not connected to the board.

I believe you can just leave it. It should be fine.

I’m not sure if this is going to work, there is thread inside of the wires coated in copper, I’ve never seen something like this, I tried soldering a few and it’s just not sticking, keeps coming undone when i give it a tug

I got one to stick so far, who knows if its contacting.

EDIT* OK, It works like a charm, thanks for the help Ting.

If it’s not connected to the pad, then it doesn’t need to be connected.

As for soldering, you’re supposed to twist 2 wires together first, then apply solder to it. It shouldn’t come undone after that.

If you are doing what I just posted, post a picture.

Its done now, I know how to solder, but the wires were only lined with copper, they had thread inside of them, it was causing debris to get into the solder making the connection shit, because these wires are a fraction of a centimeter it was difficult to strip them without exposing the thread.

But yeah I finished and it works perfectly.

Though I’m still a bit confused, I’m glad you got it fixed. :tup: