Help with Kaillera for Mame++

I am completely new to this and I know that I will ask a lot of stupid questions but I would like some help. I just downloaded Mame32++ and I am trying to play Street Fighter Third Strike online. Everytime that I try to “start kaillera server” it gives me an error message saying “confirm that kaillersrv.exe is in the kaillera folder”. I checked the folder and it is not there; but I can not find the .exe file anywhere. Can someone help me please? Any help is appreciated.

Click on Play network game.

Or something like that, not start server.

start with either of these 2
dont use mame and kaillera that shit is garbage

Well, while rusheddown is right, it’s going completely to shit, and people will be assholes to you if you’re still adjusting to the online play and kinda “suck” at first.

so chyeah, I’d go with 2dfighter if i were you! (But mine won’t work, so I’m fucked!)

Kinda OT, but what problems is it giving you?