Help with inernet connection (laggy gaming)

so about a week ago I’m playing ssf4 and my power goes off for about 2 seconds. when it comes back on i try to play again and everything is extremely delayed. fast forward a week and its still extremely laggy. i tried resetting my modem and turning off my router. i play on a wired connection. if anyone can try help me and tell me what went wrong i would appreciate it. ps i’m not very tech savy

It’s possible your router or modem got a surge when the power went out. They both on a surge protector?

i have no idea what a surge protector is. im assuming i should replace the router and modem then?

I bet your router bit the dust if resetting it did not work.

You should call your ISP and have them run a diagnosis just incase its something on there end though. It could also be your network card in your computer as well.

Yea, do like Vicious said. Call up your ISP. Have them do all their diagnostics.

If that doesn’t help, go to the store and purchase a new router. Make sure and get it somewhere with a nice return policy, in case you get it home and it doesn’t help.

If the router doesn’t help, buy a new modem(or get one from your ISP if you’re renting), and try that with your OLD router. Just to see if it’s the router, modem, or both.

If it works fine with the new modem and old router, return the new router. If not, try both new pieces of equipment. Hopefully that will get you set…otherwise I’m not sure what your issue would be.