Help with HD gaming set up?

So, right now I have my pc and my video game console area separate. However, I’d like to run fighting game emulators on my big screen where my video game consoles are. I have an older pc with a 9800 Pro with DVI and VGA out. My television across the room has vga, hdmi, and component in. Now, in theory, I could just run vga straight to the television, right? But my Xbox 360 currently occupies the VGA input. And, my pc monitor is currently using the vga output on the pc.

So, if the 9800 pro puts out a picture via VGA and DVI at the same time (as I read that it does) and I use a DVI to VGA dongle, now I have solved my problem of getting video out of the pc, right? How about my input problem of the television? Do they make a KVM-style device that just switches between VGA and audio only?

Does this make any sense? This all just came to me since I ordered a fighting stick for the 360 that happens to be XP compatible. I’d love to play Street Fighter, King of Fighters, etc. on the big screen.

first option: take ur 360 and use the component if your monitor has dvi use dvi to your pc and and vga to your TV
second: i would do this , leave everything how it is get a dvi to hdmi wire and connect that from ur pc to ur hdtv,

when it comes to HDTV, DO NOT buy your wires from best buy or circuit city it way overpriced

compare to this shit

I completely forgot my 360 died and I swapped it for a 360 with HDMI. So, even though the 360 uses VGA right now, I’ll just switch it over to HDMI. And then I’ll move my Dish box from HDMI to component. That leaves my VGA free for the pc!

And, apparently, my video card outputs 2 signals and I can set two different resolutions. Come to find out, this is very common for video cards but I never knew it, lol. So, I’ll just run a dvi cable to the television with a vga/dvi adaptor.

So, it’s pretty much been resolved unless someone has better advice.

Also, thanks, Mugen. I’ll probably get my cables from NewEgg or Monoprice.

I do have one more question though…

Will a 15’ USB cable and a 15’ VGA cable cause lag between the television and the pc? Because I’m mainly doing this for 2D fighters and those are damn quick.

No, it won’t.