Help with hawkeye basic combo and relaunch

i am now learning and i cant seem to get a good relaunch combo. i normally do l,m,h S jump l.m.m.h.h.s this is where they go to the ground i try to do the freeze shot and it misses all the time i even pick wesker to OTG and he comes in to late.

whats the timing?

Do qcb L or H depending on corner/midscreen as soon as you land and hit the M for ice right after the jump. Timing is very lenient.

what about wesker OTG to get a relaunch whats the timing? do i have to wait for hawkeye to touch the ground then call in wesker?

l.m.h.s is impossible, you either have to do c.l, c.m, 9h, s to launch or l, m, 6h, s. The arrow will not combo from standing LMHS. Call in Wesker as soon as Hawkeye touches the ground. When doing the freeze shot try to do qcb l or h then press m immediately, if in the corner you will have to dash back first or fade back while in the air.

Delay the S as long as possible when doing the air combo. That is the problem.

when you super jump after the first stand S, you have to super jump AWAY instead up and towards your foe. you will land further away which means you can do command ice arrow and then to go slide, S etc etc etc