Help with getting better

So I thought I was getting better with sakura/chun-li, and I got to C rank for my sakura and i started getting bent over every match. So, I came into this section to try to learn some sakura techniques and all the stickies are WAY over my head. I understand I’m noob, but how should I start getting better with sakura? I just kinda jump around and do whatever feels natural when I play. But, I understand that there’s like 5 move combinations that I should be doing, but I don’t know those.

  1. Where do I learn good sakura combinations?
  2. What should I be doing to get better?
  3. Since I’m pretty noob at this point, should I not be worrying about advanced techniques and just play?
  4. Where’s a good place to watch sakura tutorial vids? I went to the media section on SRK and it’s like the search doesnt work at all, so what’s a good site for char tuts?
    Thanks in advance

You don’t really need combo’s to win. Yes they help a lot, but you should just learn your basics, Your Cr.Hp anti air and such. Get your poke game up. Then I would just sorta tip-toe into combos. Cl.hp > Ex tatsu > U2/U1 , resets, whatever you wanna throw in there. Go learn your matchups. Practice, practice practice. Your going to lose a lot, just keep at it.


YouTube - amigdala85’s Channel

…nuff said…

There’s also a playlist on my channel which has almost all the Sak tutorials on it, plus another list where I’ve gathered a whole lot of good Sak players: YouTube - ByeBiSF4’s Channel Check out the Uryo matches; there’s new and he has a great simple style which relies on zoning and and shorter combos rather than mix-up.