Help with Fightcade

I’ve tried reading and watching videos to help myself for 2 weeks, but nothing has worked and I need serious assistance.

How do I get my ROMs to work?

I have Fightcade and I can open it, but I have no idea how to play the games I’ve downloaded. I got the ROMs from the site that Fightcade sent me to, I put them in the appropriate folder, but Fightcade isn’t recognizing any of them.

I am horribly bad with computers and I’m definitely making a rookie mistake somewhere. I’ve read that the files need to be zipped. I think I rezipped them, but I have no idea. I followed the directions I found online to zip a file, but I’m not sure I did this correctly. Do I need to put all of the ROM files into a single folder and then put it into the Locate ROM folder?

I am running Windows 10. Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yes, I think my computer is automatically extracting them. I’m not sure how to prevent this.

This is the 3rd Strike ROM I downloaded. It was labeled (Japan 990512, NO CD), just like it says in Fightcade. I saved the file and dragged it into the ROM folder in Fightcade.

It looks like this but I know it’s wrong because I still can’t play.