Help with drill super and canceling!

i can’t get the drill super to keep them on the ground like the Dr. B vs KSK fight on the evo2k2 disc 1 … i been hunting through the yama threads but still havent found out how to do that drill -> sand kick -> slash

normally i jus pound the hell outa punch to get yama to slam them down on the ground then cancel into SP knife either before or after the launch (depends if im in corner or not) … or the lvl 2 guillotine super followed by the usual MP knife or slash or sometimes a lvl 1 guillotine

but as for a lvl 2 drill into sand kick into slash? nope =(

any help is much appreciated … thnx

P.S. Dr. B man ur yama is siiiiiick did u use him in this year’s evo?

im thinking after medium drill as there falling go for the dust then knife im not sure i dont use c yama much.