Help with consistent Super Turbo special move inputs

I’ve played Super Turbo casually on GGPO here and there, and I’ve even attended an offline tourney, but I still can’t do special moves with any real consistency. I play O. Ken and it gets frustrating when I can’t consistently do an SRK. I’d like to be able to properly practice Shoryukens, but the way the game reads special moves confuses me.

For example:
-I sometimes execute hadokens instead of SRKs when pressing punch in the Down-Forward position
-I have more success if I do the old school, “Press forward and then a hadoken motion”

Can somebody give me some tips or insight on how to perform shoryukens and charge moves?
I am mainly looking for the mechanics of how you would execute these moves on a stick.
-Is the game looking for speed of the input, or am I inputting an extra direction?
-Any insight into throwing a proper sonic boom such as timing or speed?

Sorry for the convoluted explanation, I’ll take any suggestions and try to answer questions.

Thank you in advance

Practice cleaner motions.

Sonic boom you just gotta get the timing down right, doing perfect charged booms is kind of a feeling more than a timing, you have to take into account slowdown on hits etc.

There’s nothing mysterious about how ST reads input, but it does require strict timing. It doesn’t have much in the way of shortcuts or input leniency, so it really forces you to learn clean and consistent execution, since it has less aids to help you along.

What helps me when I was learning to perfect the uppercut motion was to do the forward, then down input, then HOLD the down-forward input. So don’t do the forward then hadoken motion, but learn to commit to the uppercut motion and HOLD the last down-forward input when you press punch. I notice that this mentally forces me to do clean Z-motions, and has helped a lot with uppercut consistency.

Charge moves just require practice to learn the timing of how long a charge actually is. It hovers around 1.2-1.4 realtime seconds. It helps to just practice spamming moves like sonic booms as quickly as you can, and then adjust your charge timing based on what happens. If you don’t get several sonic booms in a row, you’re doing it too quickly. Learn to just do the motion cleanly, and once you get the motion down, practice learning how to quickly charge the next one, and see how early you can pull it off before you start missing it.

It also helps to keep in mind that you can only have ONE fireball on the screen at a time. So even if you charge really quickly, if you still have a light punch sonic boom on screen, you can’t throw another one until it disappears off screen, even if you have charge. That’s VERY important to know.

As far as the mechanics of it on a stick, you can look various ‘how to use an arcade stick’ guides found here on and/or You’ll want to use rapid fire motions when moving forward to do the sonic boom motion, but the timing for it is much more lenient than for other special moves. Generally speaking, you’ll want to practice charging from the down-back position (so you charge both back and down charges), and then moving forward, pressing punch, and then charging in down-back again.

You can do pretty sloppy motions for charge attacks, but the game gives you a certain window to perform a charge attack once you have charge. It’s different for each special moves. For example, Gief has a small input window to perform his SPD grab, whereas T.Hawk has a large input window to finish his command grab motion. Charge moves are pretty homogeneous though.

Thanks guys, I’ll be sure to try out your suggestions with Guile and Ken

Good luck. Let me know how it works out.

@eltrouble @Mizuki I greatly appreciate the advice. I just got home from work and completed a bunch of shoryukens and sonic booms with much greater consistency and confidence.