Help with combos

Hello. Seeing how this game is very new, unlike most other fighting games i’ve play/played (I think the second earliest I got to a fighting game near launch is Persona 4 Arena Ultimax), I am feeling encouraged to learn how to combo some things.

Start off by doing the missions, go into options and change the details to inputs.

And after I finish off the missions?

At the intermediate level, I am also finding the combo system in this game a little difficult to grasp compared to MvC3. I understand you still get one wall-bounce and one ground-bounce, but now there is also apparently a limit on OTGs and other limits? I have no idea how to start figuring out my BNB combos beyond the basic stuff in Sajam’s tutorial vids. If anyone can point me in the right direction here I’d be grateful.

Do the basic system and movement missions and have a try at some of the character specific ones, it will slowly introduce you to some basic combos, I don’t expect you to complete all 10, just the first 5 or 6 will give you an introduction to that character and the over all system.

There’s three limits, one wall bounce, one ground bounce and one OTG, and that’s presumably universal to everyone.

The combo system isn’t that different to any other Marvel game, only really big hurdle is that you need to get used to the punch/kick layout, and the fact that d.hp is universal launcher instead of S. Also you now have to press 2 kick buttons to fly instead of just S.

Honestly it’s quite self explanatory. Start of with the basic magic series, pick up the ground bounce and combo them magic series again. Try out the characters special moves and see if they have any special properties that leaves them reeling or in hit stun. Try a basic combo and then add on the special move and see where it goes from there.

The notation is half of the problem, once you’re used to the button layout it will be easier to express your imagination.

It’s closer to what Marvel’s combo system has always been than 3’s was.

The key is that, for the most part, once you understand how the system and characters work, if you think that something will hit, or should hit, it probably will. For example, if you’re thinking about getting on OTG and you think a certain low normal will hit, it usually will, and it not hitting may mean that your timing might be off.

It’s important to really study individuals as what works for one character may not work for another. I’ll use my team, Haggar and Hawkeye as an example:

Haggar can otg realiably from heavy air throw combos ender with cr lp or cr gkwhile Hawkeye can otg both from the air with lk and and standing lk.

Get the flows down with what combos work, what you are comfortable with and pay attention to scaling. With Hawkeye for instance it really isn’t worth it to go for lp x3, hp, hk tc launch due to scaling and limits the amount of choices you get once you launch the opponent (even though gimlet is mostly almost always the right answer if your partner is still alive).

Mess around with this system. It’s incredibly freeform and allows you to create your own identity

Thanks a lot guys!

So when I spike them down to the ground after an air magic series, that’s a ground bounce, not a hard knockdown?

You can relaunch them after 1 magic series, with with most characters, multiple with others and then it expands with tags. Some characters can relaunch with standing moves and some need a crouching setup.

Yeah I have been able to get the relaunch and 2nd air series. What I mean is in the context of “one wall bounce, one ground bounce and one OTG” per combo, is that pick-up after the first air series really an OTG, or are they just being ground-bounced?

I think it’s considered a ground bounce. Usually due to combo restrictions what I’m finding is a tag is needed for an otg if there were two previous air series. It also depends on the move and when it happens. With Hawkeye for example the first air gimlet can be an otg but the second has to be a wall bounce I’m pretty sure. So when I’m working on combo flows I keep that in mind if I plan on spending meter.

In that series I describe I think I lose my otg if I don’t use it on the first gimlet. At least the way my team is currently constructed.

Look at the animation. You can tell that it’s a ground bounce when they’ve bounced up from the ground. OTG’s are when they’re flat on their back on the ground.

Ok, that’s what I thought was happening.

So do we have a list of moves that can OTG yet, or even some frame data tables?

Usually or It’s not like U3 where only certain characters could OTG, it’s a state all characters can take advantage of if they’re in the position to OTG. The push back on OTGs is a lot harsher.

By the way power stone grants one extra wall bounce.

Well everyone can OTG in UMvC3, but usually with a special move, and a few characters only have supers that OTG.

The power stone wall-bounce isn’t actually an extra one is it? When Ryu does a wall-bounce combo with donkey kick, power stone doesn’t wall-bounce.

It must be character specific then.

Any attack that hits in such a way that it connects with a opponent on the ground will OTG.

Power surge consumes the 1 wallbounce per combo, unless you’re in Power Storm.

Power Stone gives Ultron a second wall bounce.