Help with combo

I’m trying to combo Wesker OTG off of Lunar Phase (after the ground bounce has been expended) and it’s randomly connecting for me. Can anyone help me out on how to consistently get it down?

I’m trying to do a really crazy combo confirm

What combo are you trying to do?

I’m just trying to wesker OTG assist after the washing machine combo hard knockdown. It’s giving me a hard time to get it to connect consistently

What I’m trying to say is, most combos we’ve seen so far have used Wesker OTG assist early in the combo. I’ve never seen it after a lunar phase hard knockdown. So either you have a combo we should know about or you could change your combo to something in the combo thread that may be easier to pull off for you.


I’m not trying to do this type of combo if that’s what youre asking. But I guess then yeah it’s a combo that hasn’t been done yet? It’s a combination of the general Wesker OTG washing machine and a japanese combo. I’m trying to record myself doing it before I post it? And then i’ll put it up on this channel whenever I get](‘’).

But like I said do you have any tips on how to combo the Wesker OTG after a hard-knockdown lunar phase?

Well I would try mashing wesker OTG near the end of lunar phase, so he comes out asap, then link whatever normal you are trying to connect. I don’t know what kind of tip you would need, it either comes out or its too slow. I imagine in a longer combo, it would be very difficult if not impossible to connect.

If I may ask, why are you trying to play around with this? Have you seen a Japanese combo that’s more efficient damage/meter building wise? Than say the combo in that video?

I’m trying to do a confirm off of Rapid slash that does good damage without turning devil trigger.

I don’t really have any rapid slash combos outside of turning DT and just doing my BnB again. But then I get no meter during DT

You get more out of Rapid Slash cancelling into swords. Try Rapid Slash, Swords[charge roundtrip], 5H,6H, teleport behind, 6H, roundtrip, 2H, judgement cut L, 2H, 6H, teleport behind [charge roundtrip], 5H,5S, sj.M,H,2H, v, call Wesker, roundtrip, etc.
You’ll build the meter you spend on the first super by the time you’ll need a second one. Unless time is an issue (since the combo lasts longer) you’ll always get more damage for less meter this way than with going into DT. Since it doesn’t even use up the ground bounce, you’ll even be able to do another 2H into Lunar Phase or some fancy hard tag shenanigans after your last swords loop.

Oh, and on the huge characters (Sent and Nemesis) you’ll have to omit the teleport behind, 6H and just cancel the first 5H,6H into roundtrip, for some reason the usual variant doesn’t connect on those big hitboxes.

Yeah that’s what I was going to do exactly, except at the end “sj.M,H,2H, v, call Wesker, roundtrip, etc.”

How does that exactly work? I was just going to go into washing machine combo, then call wesker. Then do washing machine combo again. I got it to work a couple of times but then it’s super inconsistent